Gathering the Clan

AngelStatue  This week the family is getting together. Cousins, siblings, children, grandchildren, in-laws.  From near, to not-so-local, or many states away – we come. All of us are so happy to see each other in person. Hugs are abundant – we are a large family. A lot of catching up to do and stories to tell.

No one planned a family reunion. Who would have the time? Everyone is so busy, busy, busy. We honestly mean to  schedule a visit to see our loved ones, but then something comes along that we must do first. Then something else after that. Then, the next thing you know, 9 years has gone by since you saw your family at the last wedding – or funeral.

We are celebrating the life of one of our own tomorrow.  He will not be in attendance, but with us just the same, in our memories and our hearts.

Rest in peace, dear Mario
photo credit: aussiegall via photopin cc