Highway Reality Show?

A gal I know passed along this video to me and I HAD to share it with Y’all. I watched it an hour ago and my mouth is still hanging open.  It reminded me of this selfie my cousin Luke and his friend took. You will see why!

Car Cam Footage

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Jodi Lea

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Puppies Don’t Do Selfies

I realized, suddenly, that I did not have one photo of Ziva and I together. I say suddenly because that is how thoughts and ideas come to my head. Out of the clear blue they enter – without warning. They must lurk in the background of my brain, percolating until the time they leap to the forefront and interrupt whatever else I’m thinking about, if anything.

Hubby was helping out at the Sheriffs sub station in town, so I couldn’t have him snap a couple of pix. Our closest neighbors were not in this weekend, so it looked like a selfie for two was the option. I grabbed my iPhone and started the camera app. I have a great non-phone camera, but I was too impatient to look up how to do timed photos in the manual. That, and you must act on the opportunities you have. Ziva was having a calm afternoon, just lazing around. I was grateful because I needed to rest along with her.

Setting Up the Shot
Setting Up the Shot

I sat down next to Ziva and lined up the camera, but before I could take a photo I had a 70-pound puppy nuzzling and licking me. I’m not usually on the floor, so this must have excited her. We rustled around and I giggled for a while and tried again.

Moves Like Taz
Moves Like Taz



Now, Ziva was full into her Tasmanian Rodeo phase. She runs circles around the living room until she is exhausted. This took a little time to wait out…

Flibberty-jibbet Now that she’s worn out, Ziva happily snoozes.

Next, I take 5, well… maybe 10 because it takes nearly 2 to get up off the floor when you’re not a pup.

Taking 5
Time Out

We try again. This time I am getting better shots of Ziva, but only parts of me.






I am so worn out that holding up my little iPhone is difficult.  At one point, I fell over and got a close up of our carpet.

Beige Carpet (specks are Ziva's hair.
Beige Carpet (specks are Ziva’s hair)




At last! Both of us. Well, at least most of us…

This will have to do for now – I think it’s time for another nap…

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I Guess It’s Just Me…

I must be the only person who takes silly (and really bad) pictures. I know how busy I have been, so I forgive you for not sending me silly photos this week 😉

But… let’s just leave it at, when you take a silly photo, think about sending it to me. OK?

Thursday, for me, was all about catching up on my grooming, with a long time waiting hair stylist appointment. I put off making the appointment, as I usually do, until my hair is impossible to care for and looks hideous. Why?  I cannot figure it out. Maybe I’m subconsciously punishing my vain little self.

It only took me an hour to take a couple selfies that did my new do justice. My face is not photogenic, so look at the hairstyle. Sissy transforms my hair into cute, perky and fun. I walk into her Bella Spa with mousey doggie doo-doo color hair with all kinds of gray growing out. And this is what she does to me!

♥  I just LOVE her!  (and her little dog too)  ♥

IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407

Have a fabulous (the rest of your) Thursday!