Things I Wish I Could Un-Know

I am not a squeamish kind of girl. I can talk about bodily functions or medical procedures while eating, and I am amazed when others are grossed out. However, even I have my limits, and some things I would like to wipe from my memory. For example these:

  • Ted2– I thought that the original movie was dumb. But the 2nd one? Ted’s language alone grossed me out.  I will never be able to look at Tom Brady in the same way again. I hoped they paid him good money. Please, Mark Wahlberg, spare us Ted3!!
  • Pennywise (the clown from IT).  If you are not nodding your head, check out the book or see the original movie. If you dare.
  • The Earth is Spinning– In grade school they taught us about how the Earth spins and orbits around the Sun. Then they tell us that without gravity we would all fling off into space. That factoid kept me awake for weeks! I still get nervous when I think of it.
  • The T-Shirt police – These guys are at Disneyland, and probably lurking at other “family fun” places too. They go up and down the lines in the parking lot of people waiting to enter the park, reading T-shirts.  If they find someone who violates the dress code they pull them out of line, embarrassing them and send them to the restroom to turn their shirts inside-out to hide the “offensive material” from the public. Do yourself a favor and wear non-logo, non-smartass remarks, shirts to Disneyland. Trust me.
  • Rattlesnakes –  Hubby made me look at the one he killed, so I could be able to identify them. Knowledge I had already, but now I know they can be in my driveway.

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