White Christmas and Then Some

It began snowing in the wee hours of Christmas morning and did not want to stop. As expected, we lost power later that day, but the generator was full of gasoline and it was not too bad. The household was at 6 people and 2 dogs for a few days.

Between the two storms, 2 more couples arrived, 2 kids and a dog. We were all here together! A very rare occurrence. Of course, it was chaos, noisy and crowded. 12 humans & 3 dogs snowed in, without power. Hours of shoveling to make a path for vehicles to get onto the road, so we could navigate to town and get cell service. A generator will power a house, but not the internet and telephone services.

I needed to book a hotel room by the airport if I was to make my flight out Thursday morning. Weds afternoon would bring the second big snowstorm and no way was I going to miss my flight out of here! The airport was a 2-hour drive away and at sea level, so safe from snow. With that chore done, we climbed back up the hill and had leftovers for dinner.

Now I had to pack. Ha! My brain was absolutely not ready to do this a day early. It took me hours after dinner and before lights out to get almost packed. Then the next morning while the overnight snow was shoveled out of the way, I spent another few hours making sure I had enough of my diabetic supplies, meds, and undergarments. The house was cold (except in the front room where the wood-burning stove was.) I knew it would be a warm 80 degrees in Texas, so I had T-shirts, a bathing suit, long sleeve shirts, and a sweater. I forgot to pack my capri pants. I forgot to pack a skirt. No sunscreen. Oh well. They had stores in Texas and I could not pack anymore. My suitcase and carry-on bag were stuffed to the limit, and I was done.

I kissed and hugged all concerned and happily left the chaos. Sure, there were a few twinges of guilt, but I got over them. Hubby and I rode with our oldest son in his 4-wheel drive car. When we got to the lower elevation, the rains pounded us all the way. A quick hug and I was dumped (their word) at the hotel and they needed to hurry back before the heavy snow started.

And so, on Dec. 29, at 2:30 pm, the adventure begins…

What Happened to Summer?

Today is May 19! What is going on?  It has not snowed this hard since January. Since I took this photo there are at least 2 more inches.

I think the climate has changed, people.  Bring on some global warming!!



Toto, We Aren’t in OZ Anymore

As I write this, I look out my office window at a world that is black and white. Snow has piled up for 3 days now, and any green on the pine and cedar trees is hidden by clumps of snow and the trees themselves are dark brown to black. A photo reveals a white background, broken up by a forest of tall patio umbrellas

There is no sign of this changing anytime soon.

I did not realize how much color mattered to me – until I found myself in a colorless world. Remember in the movie? Dorothy left black & white Kansas and landed in a wildly, intimidatingly, glaring splashes of color world.  I certainly do not want OZ to be my world, but a little yellow and lavender would be nice.

Every weekend this month has been snowy. We- (I say “we” but really it is my hubby Bruce doing the work, because of my health), has gotten a path to the road dug out during the week, only to watch it fill back up on Friday.
This week the storm is throwing snow harder and 24/7. You can no longer see where hubby dug out yesterday so our son’s family could get into the driveway. I think they could be stuck here awhile because the town snowplow only makes it up here every other day. So, even if hubby cranks up the snow-blower – we are stuck in this winter wonderland for the time being.

Church was cancelled this morning. I guess that is common up here in the mountains, but it’s new to me. I got an email from one of the Elders letting me know. God must be OK with it though, since it is His doing. I imagine that even Jehovah likes a snow day – every now and again.  I’m glad I don’t have his job! But I digress…

The kids are so excited about playing in the snow. I don’t play with them because I am recovering from a sinus infection and not too quickly. My cough worries my 2-year-old granddaughter, Mary. Every time I cough, sneeze or blow my nose, she asks, “Are you OK, Grandma?”  Truth be told, the concern on her sweet little face cheers me up a lot.

I sure wanted to be outside with her yesterday when she was struggling to make snow angels. The younger, healthier me would have flung myself backwards into the snow bank and flapped my arms and legs until I sunk a few inches. I felt sad that I did not dare to do it.  She had a blast trying though – which was the point.   

You can’t tell by the photos, but she has a big smile on her face.

After breakfast, this morning, the troops bundled up and attempted to overcome the snow, however the opposite is happening. Mary’s older brother, Aiden, shovels snow to make a path down the slope of the driveway, only to turn around and see the snowflakes piling up behind him. Ten more minutes of that and the snow wins. Time to warm up in Grandpa’s shop (that is equipped with a wood burning stove and a fridge with drinks and snacks. Oh yea, and a DVD friendly TV.) I have not seen the flash of Mary’s bright neon-pink gloves or yellow hat for a while, so I figured that was where they all were.

And the snowflakes keep on coming.

Pennsylvania needs a new groundhog. Punxsutawney Phil is a liar!


♥  TTFN  ♥