Apologies into Thank You’s

When I saw this on FB it really got my attention.

I apologize A LOT.  So, I’m challenging myself to convert ‘I’m Sorry’ to ‘Thank You.’  I want to make the effort for an entire week.  Who knows?  It could become a habit.

It would be even more fun if some of my awesome readers (that is YOU GUYS) would try along with me!  Imagine the strange looks we’ll be getting…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Breaking My Own Rules


It’s only the second day of 2013 and already I’m giving y’all excuses for not posting this weekend. Please forgive me, but I must have my granddaughter fix while they are out of school this week. To you wonderful and loyal readers of my humble blog – I promise I will make it up to you (maybe a contest or challenge or who knows what will come to me!)

I could post using my iPhone app for WordPress, but typing on an iPhone is one tedious exercise in patience for me. Plus, I can’t remember how to post by email. All I can give you is this: I will try to post over the weekend, if I figure things out. Please remember I am at the mercy of an 8-year old and a 2-year old this weekend. They adore me, and I them. They have me trained and wrapped around their little fingers

I will be back Sunday night.  If you need some insanity before then, you can find it in my archives. Some of my best stuff is in 2010, when I started blogging and was bursting with craziness  😉  Most of you, dear readers, discovered my blog later and probably missed a few good ones.

See y’all next week!

photo credit: °Florian via photopin cc