What Happened to Summer?

Today is May 19! What is going on?  It has not snowed this hard since January. Since I took this photo there are at least 2 more inches.

I think the climate has changed, people.  Bring on some global warming!!



Fuggitabout The Bunny

The bunny is frozen this year…

Easter SnowmanMy Granddaughter made this snowman last week.  “You should have seen him right after she finished”, says my daughter, who doesn’t think to take a photo until 2-days after, when his head is already starting to shrink.

And then a warmish streak of weather came along and her snowman lost some weight, but he was still standing tall!

Thinner Snowman

I wonder if he is still in the backyard.

If he’s gone, she better hustle and make another one from last night’s snow. Someone is going to have to hide the eggs if the bunny isn’t going to do it.  She could actually make a snow bunny this time.

It just might work  😉