It’s Going to be OK

SWDaughters  In a family of strong-willed girls, I am the weenie.

I do not know how this happened.  My daughter certainly did not get a strong will from my side of the family. In fact she even got breasts from her father’s side, since they did not run in my family either.

What you get on my side of the family are bad teeth, mental health issues and Type 1 Diabetes. I could not escape it, being on my side of the family and all.

Anyway… It took every molecule of my energy to parent a strong-willed child. She was tough on me. To stand my ground was like being tested by a hurricane. Once she thought of something she wanted to do, there was no reasoning or explanation she would listen to. Somehow, she figured she could manipulate things to get her way.

Manipulation is subtle, I always thought. Not anymore. Strong willed kids are everything but subtle. As smart as she was, she came up with very creative reasons why she should get her way. It was exhausting.

I am glad, for her sake, that she is strong-willed. Because she has not one, but TWO strong-willed daughters to raise. I have every confidence she will be a better parent than I was. She is no weenie. She will do just fine.

Pay back really is a Bitch, isn’t it darling?

♥  TTFN  ♥