Speaking about football…

Super Bowl Sunday this weekend.

Pardon me for not being excited. Oh, I will watch the game, of course, cheering on the Rams (and #33, Justin Davis, who does not know me but I worked with his Dad, Eric…), hoping to end old What’s his Name’s streak of terror. I certainly hope the commercials are better than last year. Do you remember any of last year’s? Exactly.

It’s been a long dry-spell, being a 49er Faithful. They will come back strong, I honestly believe. Despite their management.  Until then, I watch the games and cheer them on, like a good fan.


There are many things to rant and complain about the NFL that has nothing to do with the 49ers.  PLEASE find commentators that talk about the game being played at the time. As for network camera men & women – stop showing so many close-ups of the stands and the sidelines, and film the game. Remember the game being played on the field? Film THAT!  We do not want to hear about whatever it is that you must squeeze in before commercial break. Stop paying these guys per word – tell them to slow down. They do not have to say every silly fact and stat coming over the teleprompters.

Don’t interrupt players and coaches with inane questions on their way to the locker room. These people are in no mood to chit-chat, their heads are in the Game. Period.

Oh – don’t even mention the referee’s to me now – they are a whole rant unto themselves.


I really enjoy going to The Nevada Union Junior Miners games, when I am in Grass Valley.  The 8 and under’s are my favorite team. It is so rewarding to cheer for a team that is kicking butt. I also find them adorably cute, but I would never say so in front of them.

These 6-8 year old’s are serious about football. They are pushed to the limit at the first practice of the year (I’m talking crying and begging here…) because the coaches are serious too.

Oh, and the lady announcer is awesome. She knows what she is talking about, football wise, AND the kids names.  There are NO commentators chattering in the booth, making ridiculous statements about things they do not understand. Or other games they have seen with other players playing in them. Sometimes having a low-budget can be a good thing.

No matter where you sit in the Stadium your ticket costs you five bucks. You read right – $5 front row on the 50-yard line. Parking is free and there is plenty of it. No salary caps needed – no salaries.

Did I mention they have a snack bar? Good fresh coffee & all the gross junk foods you can think of. And some you wouldn’t even!


♥  TTFN  ♥

Picking A Side

Kaepernick, The MagnificentIn case you are new to Not Pretending (this blog), I am a mega faithful 49er fan.

That being the case, I have a dilemma this year. I HATE the Seahawks AND the Broncos. Since both are playing in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, who the Hell am I supposed to cheer against ? Seattle is in the NFC, so should I want them to be victorious over Denver and the (too) much worshiped Peyton Manning? Should I cheer against the 49ers nemesis? The team that believes their 12th man is better than any other in the NFL? Don’t get me started… If I could root against both teams I would.

Am I crazy to be wrestling with this decision?  I am decision-making challenged to begin with. And I abhor having to pick sides.  I second guess every decision I make, not trusting myself. I blame my parents for this because they pointed out flaws with every decision or plan I ever made. But let’s not get into that now.

Who are the 49er’s rooting against?  That is the question. I browsed the 49er’s and the NFL’s websites for clues. Just when I had almost given up – Colin spoke to me. Well, sort of.

I found an article about an interview with Colin Kaepernick on the NFL website.  Colin (the magnificent) gave me the answer I was searching for.  The following is an excerpt taken from the article:

In an exclusive interview with The Post, Kaepernick unloaded on Sherman for the Seattle All-Pro corner-backs comments during his infamous TV interview after the NFC Championship Game two weeks ago and for taunting Kaepernick with a choke sign at the end of that contest.

Kaepernick said he looks forward to meeting Sherman and the Seahawks at least twice next season — and vowed that he will never fear Sherman, no matter how badly the throw to Crabtree turned out.

“I’ll take that match-up every day,” Kaepernick said. “I feel like he’s afraid of our receivers, and that’s something I look forward to [exploiting] next year.”

Oh, and because of whom Denver is facing, Kaepernick said he’s a big Broncos fan this week.

“Go Peyton!” Kaepernick said.

OK. I suppose I can suck it up and be on Peyton’s side. But just this one time. And only because Colin is.  😉

Go Colin!!

Click on the photo to read the article in it’s entirety.

The Dirty Birds Aren’t Flying (to the Super Bowl)

Championship Win

Remember when I told you a couple of weeks ago how it was going to go down?  Well,  Hot Damn!!  I was right.  Those 49ers can really make a comeback. They scared me in the first half.  Actually it was the Falcons that scared me – they seemed invincible. Don’t even get me started about that Julio Jones fellow.

Although officially named “Super Bowl XLVII”, the game will be called the “Har-Bowl”.  In case you don’t follow football (WHAT!?), the 49ers coach and the Ravens coach are brothers. Their last name is Harbaugh. This cracks me up for some reason.

Which team will mom and pop Harbaugh root for this year?  That is what I am wanting to know. 😉

    GO  NINERS!  49er-logo