Watch Out Chloe!!

This poster struck me so sudden & hard, I nearly peed myself laughing. I’m sure everyone can find humor in this image – but when you know someone (and they know who they are!) who could use this solution, it’s downright hysterical.

The image of the poster is blurred, just enough to make the guy on the couch look like you-know-who, but it’s the creative use of the duct tape that is the real giveaway…



 ♥  TTFN  ♥

I Guess It’s Just Me…

I must be the only person who takes silly (and really bad) pictures. I know how busy I have been, so I forgive you for not sending me silly photos this week 😉

But… let’s just leave it at, when you take a silly photo, think about sending it to me. OK?

Thursday, for me, was all about catching up on my grooming, with a long time waiting hair stylist appointment. I put off making the appointment, as I usually do, until my hair is impossible to care for and looks hideous. Why?  I cannot figure it out. Maybe I’m subconsciously punishing my vain little self.

It only took me an hour to take a couple selfies that did my new do justice. My face is not photogenic, so look at the hairstyle. Sissy transforms my hair into cute, perky and fun. I walk into her Bella Spa with mousey doggie doo-doo color hair with all kinds of gray growing out. And this is what she does to me!

♥  I just LOVE her!  (and her little dog too)  ♥

IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407

Have a fabulous (the rest of your) Thursday!