Catching On

We sprang forward last nite (2 am today to be exact), giving back that hour we gained when we fell back in November. It is so easy to change the clocks around the house. My internal clock takes longer. For at least two weeks I translate the time in my head, you know, it’s 7:30, but it really is only 6:30 my brain says.

My brain also has trouble with the fact that tomorrow is the first day of spring. 6 feet of snow is not even trying to melt in my yard because the average temp is 36 degrees. I’m too bundled up in sweaters, and leggings under my jeans to even consider spring cleaning. Well, the house is filthy, so I consider it, but will not begin until I can do it in one layer of clothing.

A friend sent me this photo. She and I both know that this image captures a large part of me. Maybe this is my “inner child”. Yes. I arrange things “just so”, trying to be perfect, and always forgetting one thing. Or more.

Someone needs to tell the weather it is time to warm up.

If you have an image that captures your inner child, please share by replying to this post.

~~ TTFN ~~

Falling Back

I hate the winter’s time change. Now it will get dark earlier and the sun will rise later. It takes me at least 2 weeks to get used to Standard Time.

I know, it’s only an hour. The point is, I have always been greatly annoyed by the whole idea. When I was a kid I would be an hour early for things because my parents did not think I needed to know. They did not change the clocks before they went to bed. I make sure that I change the important ones on Saturday night.

When I got older and learned more about the world, I found out that not all countries changed time. Not even all the states in the USA changed time. This was so unfair! I thought everyone suffered from this deal. Sigh.

I laughed my butt off when I saw this one