The Dental Saga: 3 Days blurred

The next three days are lost time for me. I slept most of the time. I had no appetite. When Pain woke me, I would test my blood sugar, drink Glucerna and take antibiotics and pain pills. I was this robot programmed to heal and drink protein.

I realized that I missed my daughter’s birthday. It was the day after my surgery. I meant to touch base and finish things up before D-Day, but not all I wanted to do got done. So, no call from her mom before or after the big day. I know she understands, but I still feel bad.

Another thing I feel bad about is my hubby is HATING doing the “woman’s work” for me. You know, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, cleaning the kitchen again. The thing I feel bad about is that I am enjoying ignoring dishes, trash, recycle lying around the kitchen, waiting for someone to deal with them. Someone that is not me. Not this week.

I’m totally not into cooking. I love hubby, but he can fix his own food for a while. Nobody is cooking for me, except those people who make Glucerna and Premier Protein. I will try to refrain from whining about the liquid diet and be grateful I live in the age of smoothies and protein drinks.