The Other Side of COVID

I could possibly be the only human on planet Earth who rejoiced when the mandate came down from the Surgeon General saying everyone should wear a mask when they have to go out in public.

That’s right – rejoiced.  Masks-NowDoYouGetIt

Mask-wearing is a blessing when you’re missing front teeth and your “cosmetic appliance” is not comfortable.  Not only people can’t see your gaping maw, but they can’t hear that you have a major lisp when you speak.

There are other perks when we wear masks:  No makeup needed, just some mascara.
You save a lot of money on gasoline.  Going to meetings on ZOOM means no more rushing out the door to get somewhere on time.

Stormy weather?  No big deal, you are only walking from your living room to your den. No snow to shovel.  No need to bundle up then unbundle when you get there.

Nine months after my teeth were fixed (this week), I broke off my canine tooth on the other side this time.  My dentist is on vacation for two weeks, so no appliance will be made until October.  Sigh.  And it is starting to hurt…

I just heard on the news that ‘they’ are making masks required again.  Whew…  Just in time!

Custom Masks


Beginning Badly

Reasons I am wary of 2016…

Not even one hour in (at 00:30), I get a sore throat and a cough. I am no longer fighting off a cold – I have succumbed. I so far have spent the entire year in my pajamas, by the vaporizer. My puppy (Ziva) is snuggled up to me wherever I sit or lay. She is comforting, and warm.

I reek of vapor rub and dog. My nose and upper lip are reddish-pink, and slick with intense moisturizing creme. God only knows what condition my hair is in. I have not looked into a mirror since I got sick. I have looked, when sick, before this, and I learned it is very BAD to know you could scar small children for life. Hell, I scare myself.

On the 4th I broke a tooth. I already had a dentist appointment to fix the tooth that broke last year. On the 6th, the chipped tooth turned out to be a crown that completely fell off. At my appointment, instead of prepping the broken tooth, my dentist decides to replace the old crown, and off I go with a temporary one for two weeks. The temp popped off last night. No kidding it was temporary! NeonTooth

So… Monday (tomorrow) I need to call and go in for a new and improved replacement temporary. I do not have time for this crap!  But I change things on my schedule anyway. The thought of dentures creeps me out.

It’s Sunday and I have a football dilemma. Two of the 49er’s nemesis’ are playing against each other in a Wild Card match-up. Who do I cheer for? Vikings or Seahawks? I don’t want to cheer for either team, however I think I hate the Seahawks more. The day is early, so I could always change my mind closer to game time. When your team is not playing, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t even have to watch, but I love football.  It’s a curse.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see what happens next week.  Stay tuned…

♥  TTFN  ♥