If You’ve Got A Grandma, You don’t need Santa!

Christmas Lights

This Christmas will be WAY happier for me than last years Gray Christmas.

How do I know? Because I will be with my girls this year. When I say “my girls” I’m talking about my daughter and her two daughters, in case somehow you missed their mention in previous posts. (welcome newcomer 😉 )

I have spent hours wrapping gifts and I’m only 1/2 done with all the things I got for my girls. Hubby may pass out when the Visa bill comes, but I’ll worry about that next year. If he complains I will have to remind him (again) that it’s his toys that cost the most around here. But that’s a whole different story…

Those who know hubby and I have 2 boys might be thinking, “Hey! What about the boys?”. Don’t worry. They are not forgotten. We usually celebrate with them after the actual holiday so we can have them to ourselves (long story). We like to stay up late and play cards, which is an option because the guys have not seen fit to provide any grandchildren for me to spoil. Just sayin’.

Because of the visions of sugar plums and all that dancing through my head this week I doubt there will be room for any inspirational writing to post, so I will pass along my sincere wishes for everyone now. Since I’m in the neighborhood anyway.

Here’s wishing snow, family, toys, and whatever brings you  Christmas happiness!!

Christmas Lights