The Big Move: Mission Accomplished!

That #$%&@! box was hiding in the living room, under records & DVD’s. That’s correct, I still have a 3-foot stack of those large vinyl disc’s. The original Album’s. And the technology to play them – if you’re wondering.

I have to admire the efficiency of our movers. Whoever “packed” that #$%&@!  box of everything, did so in record time. No packing materials used. Just turn the desk drawer upside down over a large box, then tape the box closed. Done. They knew they could get away with this because when you opened that drawer you got the impression someone dumped a large box of miscellaneous crap into it.

It took 23 years to get that drawer full of crap. I think it will only take me a couple of days to disperse items to where they should go. Most of them are electrical & mechanical waste products, that men seem obligated to toss in a drawer – just in case. In case of what? Even if “what” happens, he will forget he has that junk and will buy more at the hardware store.

I should “forget” that I have a formal gown or a gorgeous tennis bracelet and run to the nearest mall and find one. It would be over an hours drive though, and I do not have the time to be a smart-ass now. So, I will file that idea in my brain for future thinking, and move on to unpacking that #$%&@! box.

Along with the “man junk” I find boxes of check receipts. Checks written in 2003. Why are we keeping them? Answer: Because no one has thrown them out. It’s the same reason we have a receipt from a drug store that went out of business before our kids were in school.

OK. Obviously I need to take on a new mission (impossible?). Slowly, as I unpack things, old useless crap will retire to the trash. Hubby doesn’t even have to worry his handsome head about it. The excellent wife that I am, will not bother him about those annoying little details.

Junk drawer contents
1/3 of what was in that #$%&@! Box!

The Big Move: That #$%&*@! Box

Since the day we moved in, hubby and I have searched for one particular box. We knew a few things about it, like the moving company packed it and forgot to label it. It is a large box, and it has everything we have looked for around here.  Once I got to unpacking that box, we would have our checkbook, postage stamps, scissors, cameras,  flashlight(s), extra keys, and a lot of  other miscellaneous crap that hubby can’t stand to throw away for some reason.

I am perturbed that I did not pack that box myself. And further perturbed that hubby keeps implying that I am not looking hard enough, and it must be in the little room next to the master bedroom. He says this because there is a mountain of boxes still in there I have not unpacked. I keep telling him that most of them are full of heavy stuff that goes in the garage or his shop, yet he leaves them there, in my way of getting to boxes that belong in there so I can unpack them.

At least once a day, hubby asks me “Found the <insert whatever> yet?”

I reply, “Nope.”

“It’s in that  #$%&*@!  box,” we tell each other.

The box is here.

Somewhere among us.