W.W.W.C Countdown

No, I’m not talking about the World Wide Wrestling Championships.

The reason for the above disclaimer, is because strangers assumed that was what the  ‘WWWC  X’  on the back of our beach cover-ups meant.  Look at us. We are sun worshipers and ladies of good reputation.  Some of us are in great shape, but come on! Do we look like wrestlers? Was it because our cover-ups all matched? (Thanks again Eddie, Maker of Fabulous Event Shirts)

The WWWC that I’m talking about is Woman’s Weekend Without Children.  Our kids called it Wild Women’s Weekend Camp-out. How did they know?! This year my BFF reserved a lakefront cabin at one of Missouri’s finer resorts.



This place, inhabited by women only, will feel like paradise. Offspring  are left at home with daddy’s and grandpa’s. Only in-utero children are allowed. And absolutely NO MEN. Not even male drive-byes or twilight visits. Four glorious days of doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Taking care of only ourselves. No compromises with other family members. A long weekend devoid of  “Mommy!” and  “MOMMMMMMM!”  Devoid of  “Honey, where’s the ___?”  or “What have you done with my _?”

I am ecstatic that I’m (finally) able to get to WWWC this year.  It has been over 10-years, which is WAY, WAY too long. I have missed so much that I won’t “get” most of the private jokes and past references. I hate that.

If you are a woman reading this, and are not sitting on the edge of your seat, anxious to hear more, then you must be single.  Single women are rarely invited because they already have a WWWC lifestyle, and are not able to truly appreciate the perks. Or understand where any of us are coming from. Well, same to you, Sister.

Meals at WWWC are whatever I bring to eat. And, the best part is that I don’t have to consider anyone else’s aversion to beans, fear of green food, or picking mushrooms out of anything that has them in it. The thought crosses my mind to make bean, spinach and mushroom soup, thankfully, it passes quickly. I can cook (and eat!) fish without listening to “Eww!” or “Gross!!” I can be lazy and plan already made meals like deli-wraps and packaged salads.

When I’m finished eating, I wash up my place setting and put away any leftovers. Another gal takes my seat at the table and enjoys her meal while chatting with table-mates that come and go.

And guess what??   Nobody cleans up after anyone else – because it isn’t necessary.

What a concept!

W.W.W.C.  X – Navarre Beach, Florida

I hope I’m not pushing the secrecy rule by using  WWWC  X  photos for this post.  I use them only because we all Look. So. Damn. Hot.  Who doesn’t want to be seen looking hot?

I normally give credit to my photographer(s), however, for the life of me I can’t remember who took the pix.

I must have finished that thermos of martinis before the photo-op…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Day One: Airports & Embarkation

Saturday, June 28th, 0500.
The Hilton’s shuttle was prompt and we got to Sacramento Airport in plenty of time to go through security at 3 different places, and be at our gate with a few minutes to spare. The TSA were efficient, even if your boarding pass was not marked as ‘TSA pre-check’. Being searched was very thorough and so was the inspection of my bag of meds. Hubby stood in pre-check with me, but his boarding pass was not marked, so he had to start over in the long line. Even so, he made it through before I did.
I noticed that the x-ray operators did not like the people who could not be x-rayed. I got snapped at, and evil-eyed at each security point. The ‘friskers’ were not hostile at all and they were professional and speedy. Finally, we found a Princess Cruises rep., and he guided us to where we turned in our luggage to transfer to the ship. The line for the shuttle to Pier 91, had 5 people, including us.

Starbucks HQ
Starbucks HQ
Safeco Field
Safeco Field

 Our bus driver was really fun and she gave us a ‘tour’ of Seattle during our 45-minute ride out to the docks. The building with the colorful flag is the Starbucks Headquarters.  She also  pointed out Safeco field (home of those #$%&*! Seahawk’s).

View From Pier
View From Pier

After getting to the first cruise check point at the pier, we were guided into a large maze that wound back and forth, countless times. Exactly like cattle. To put it into perspective, Disneyland never has lines.We met some fun people during that 2.5 hour wait. Expecting another thorough pat-down, I was surprised at how brisk the frisk was to get onto the walkways to board the ship. My bag was rifled through, but not totally unpacked and repacked like in the airport. After going through two different winding snake lines to embark the ship, we were once again x-rayed, patted down, and we finally stepped onto our ship, and escorted to our cabin. It was now 1:45pm.

Once the passengers began boarding, our luggage began coming aboard. We did not have to worry about picking it up – it would be delivered to our door. Very nice touch 🙂

After the Golden Princess (our ship) left port, I began to feel hot and nauseous. I took my motion sickness medication, however, they let me down on the high-seas. I’ve been cruise ships, but going towards the equator. The Northern Pacific seas are much rougher.
Now I know why the corridors are so narrow.

Last Cabin Waaay at End
Heading To Last Cabin

So you can walk down them with your arms outstretched and palms flat against the walls preventing a terrible fall. We should have had those kind of corridors in college – but I digress…
In order to get around, you needed to hang on to something. Still, you swayed and stumbled like a drunken sailor.
After such a busy day, our feet were ready to lie down in our cabin and rest. That was not to be. We were ravenous! So all six of us ate at one of the restaurants, while we worked on getting a table for six in the Donatello Room. The maître d’ and his wait staff will do everything they can to grant your wish. I could really get used to this!

It’s sort of like being a princess. Without the tiara.

Until tomorrow…


Why I Should NOT Let Hubby Book Our Vacation

What is worse than having your hubby make arrangements for your vacation?  Having his brother help him. Two men do not make a right.

After getting our cabin ocean view re-instated (yes, it cost more money to have a view out the window, instead of an obstruction), I realized my mistake.

I should have worked with my sister-in-law and the travel agent when the arrangements were made. I thought it was a wonderful break to not be the one having to deal with the details. And it was – until, of course, things were wrong.

I am not saying that my hubby and his brother are dolts. They are both extremely intelligent men. That being said, they do not know how to communicate very well. It is a family defect that occurs in every male and when 2 (or more) men in the family make plans, arrangements, whatever, this defect grows exponentially.

The poor travel agent probably asked the right questions, was told by each party their version of what we all wanted to book. Her mistake was to believe them and not cross-verify the bookings and the terms with both. She told me she did this. I didn’t argue the point, but I know my hubby, and he would have never agreed to a cabin with a window you couldn’t see out of.

Now, everything is cool, as far as cabin assignments go. Unfortunately, I’m nervous now. Because what if the window thing is an omen?  A foreshadowing of more problems to come? I try not to dwell on the negative, yet a bad omen seems more likely than a good one. From past travel experience, I mean.

When I’m feeling positive, I can almost believe that we got the bad stuff out-of-the-way and the rest of our vacation will be perfect.

If this were your vacation, what would you think – bad omen or good times ahead?