How Men Express Romantic Love

Love-hearts-couple  Men, as a general rule, are about as romantic as a rock. They HATE Valentines Day because it puts pressure on them to buy you something. They don’t have a clue what you would like  because when you tell them things they aren’t really listening.  Now they are on the spot.

Some guys will even break up with a girl before Valentines Day, the stress is too much for them. Other guys avoid the girl for a week or so and pretend they forgot.  Then… the ones like my hubby, who claim they didn’t know what day Valentine’s Day fell on this year.

I used to get pissed off. The jerk hurt my feelings. He must not love me, or he would at least buy me a card. I would work myself up into a full-blown depression. Over freaking Valentine’s Day.  Every year this would happen. Happy anticipation, then crash and burn. I HATED Valentine’s Day.

Then I wised up. Who better than moi to give me Valentine’s Day gifts?  The first time I gave myself a Valentine, I admit it was out of spite. I was angry. I was sick of being ignored. It was a very expensive gift – part of me hoped that he would figure out he would save money if he gave me something the next year.  I admit, that sometimes, I am ridiculously naïve.

The point I’m trying to make (and taking my sweet time to make it, sorry) is that your guy is probably about as romantic as any straight man. Which is,  according to your (and most women’s) specifications, not very romantic at all. There is a reason for that and it’s called the “Y” chromosome. Men think completely different then we do, remember?

Men cannot be romantic “on demand”.

Most romantic expressions of love from a guy do not occur on your birthday,  anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.  We are conditioned by advertisements and Hallmark to think those days are special.  Men ignore decorations and advertisements, like they ignore how dirty the shower gets.

Get this – when men express romantic feelings, they actually do not realize they are doing it. It’s true!  So, number one: we must NOT tell them this because that could ruin a good thing. And number two: We women must learn to recognize these expressions of love. We can’t keep feeling unloved and bitter just because we don’t understand them.

So, before V-Day comes along (next week!), I’ll pass along my many years of research, with how men express love. May this knowledge prevent you from getting angry or hating Valentine’s Day. And…for my male readers – This is not the post you are looking for.

Ways Men Express Romantic Love:

  1. Enrolling you in a life-time membership to their group interest. Hubby handed me a Harley Owner’s Group (HOG) lifetime membership.  It took me awhile to realize just how romantic this gesture was, and why he was so excited to give me this particular gift.  We had not been married very long, and I had not taken many rides with him, let alone have my own bike. Buying this gift for me meant he wanted to make me “his chick on the back”  for life.
  2. Sneaking things to surprise you.  I looked out at my rose garden one morning and a sweet little clay bunny looked back at me. One time, I was weeding and uncovered a raccoon. After 25-years of marriage, he has never admitted it, or been  caught.
  3. Watches romantic movies. And most of the time he will enjoy them. No matter how often he rolls his eyes and says “Oh Brother!”
  4. Will go to Jo Ann’s Fabrics (or whatever store you love) with you. Even though he knows you’ll spend at least an hour looking, then you will need money.  He likes watching you have fun.
  5. Brings you a gadget he saw in the hardware store, that he thinks you will like.  That he thought about you at all, while in his favorite “man” store, says volumes, ladies.
  6. Despite your morning breath and bozo hair, he tells you “Good Morning, Sleeping Beauty.”  Even after his successful eye surgery.
  7. Your car gets to park inside the garage. His big truck is outside.
  8. He builds you a cozy fire when it’s rainy or snowy before he goes out to work in his shop. He comes in every so often to check on it because you are busy writing or sewing and don’t like to mess with it. (This is his own idea, BTW)
  9. He saves the middle piece of cornbread for you. You know, the primo piece without crust that your own daughter will steal from you.
  10. Will eat left-overs all week because you are ‘on a roll’ with your novel.

How does your guy express romantic feelings?

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— This is a “re-post” from February 2014 , that deserves an encore for my newest readers. If you recognize this post, then you are one of my long-time readers and I you!! —

W.W.W.C Countdown

No, I’m not talking about the World Wide Wrestling Championships.

The reason for the above disclaimer, is because strangers assumed that was what the  ‘WWWC  X’  on the back of our beach cover-ups meant.  Look at us. We are sun worshipers and ladies of good reputation.  Some of us are in great shape, but come on! Do we look like wrestlers? Was it because our cover-ups all matched? (Thanks again Eddie, Maker of Fabulous Event Shirts)

The WWWC that I’m talking about is Woman’s Weekend Without Children.  Our kids called it Wild Women’s Weekend Camp-out. How did they know?! This year my BFF reserved a lakefront cabin at one of Missouri’s finer resorts.



This place, inhabited by women only, will feel like paradise. Offspring  are left at home with daddy’s and grandpa’s. Only in-utero children are allowed. And absolutely NO MEN. Not even male drive-byes or twilight visits. Four glorious days of doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Taking care of only ourselves. No compromises with other family members. A long weekend devoid of  “Mommy!” and  “MOMMMMMMM!”  Devoid of  “Honey, where’s the ___?”  or “What have you done with my _?”

I am ecstatic that I’m (finally) able to get to WWWC this year.  It has been over 10-years, which is WAY, WAY too long. I have missed so much that I won’t “get” most of the private jokes and past references. I hate that.

If you are a woman reading this, and are not sitting on the edge of your seat, anxious to hear more, then you must be single.  Single women are rarely invited because they already have a WWWC lifestyle, and are not able to truly appreciate the perks. Or understand where any of us are coming from. Well, same to you, Sister.

Meals at WWWC are whatever I bring to eat. And, the best part is that I don’t have to consider anyone else’s aversion to beans, fear of green food, or picking mushrooms out of anything that has them in it. The thought crosses my mind to make bean, spinach and mushroom soup, thankfully, it passes quickly. I can cook (and eat!) fish without listening to “Eww!” or “Gross!!” I can be lazy and plan already made meals like deli-wraps and packaged salads.

When I’m finished eating, I wash up my place setting and put away any leftovers. Another gal takes my seat at the table and enjoys her meal while chatting with table-mates that come and go.

And guess what??   Nobody cleans up after anyone else – because it isn’t necessary.

What a concept!

W.W.W.C.  X – Navarre Beach, Florida

I hope I’m not pushing the secrecy rule by using  WWWC  X  photos for this post.  I use them only because we all Look. So. Damn. Hot.  Who doesn’t want to be seen looking hot?

I normally give credit to my photographer(s), however, for the life of me I can’t remember who took the pix.

I must have finished that thermos of martinis before the photo-op…

♥  TTFN  ♥