Back to the Future

Do you spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?

Bloganuary #7

I try to live in the present and prepare for the future. Take taxes, for instance, I keep a folder for receipts and documents that relate to tax information the whole year. Then in January, I pull other paperwork for that file and try to get organized. Taxes are not on my mind during the year this way.

I look forward to future events coming up. Not all of them (i.e., taxes), but the majority of them are involving family, quilting, and spiritual goals. Other things I look forward to are: football season, granddaughter’s dance recitals & sports. Curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book or movie and watching it snow.


The Gift of Time

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?

Their Time
Waiting on Vampires

When daughters and mothers can spend a weekend going to a rock concert, eating strange food, shopping at boutiques and other stores, we can’t afford, and have a ton of fun – just us.

Giggles and laughter can lighten your outlook, whether or not you tell the joke.

Best Friends
We were so cute back in 1985!

Time with granddaughters is a real blessing. Dressing like princesses and hanging out in the royal tent is an honor!

Grandma can’t fit in the tent. Darn it!
Random Giggles & Snuggles

Chocolate is also a great gift!


And yet, they are still here…

Picture this –
You host the whole family for Thanksgiving and one of them gets very sick. After 11 days in the hospital, he comes home with an IV and needs home nursing. Because his spouse asks for your help with the IV procedure, you help with that and continue to be their chauffeur to doctor and hospital appointments. This is not the holiday you have imagined. You have quilting to do and presents to finish.

Oh, and did I mention they brought their extremely big fur-shedding dog with them?

Just when you were looking forward to having your life back – the guy ends up in the hospital again – this time with C-Diff as well as colitis from Covid. Because he is so contagious he cannot share a bed with his spouse, so NOW she and her big dog will be hanging out in your other guest room.

This nightmare scenario is what my hubby’s sister and bro-in-law have been dealing with this holiday season. They changed their holiday trip to see the grandkids. Now, it looks like their New Years’ party won’t happen as they hoped either. Sigh. Covid is possibly going to start their New Year as well. I’m not as afraid of Covid as getting the C-Diff crap. The more we researched it, the more we read about this evil bacteria and now we know way more than we ever wanted to.

3 days since known exposure to Covid. Asthma is rearing its head, and my chest is tight but with no fever. It is Christmas, so I won’t be able to get a test at CVS until Monday the 26th if they are doing them. I have been immersed in the virus, so I am quarantining and wearing a mask whenever I go out.

I am planning on playing “Elf Bowling” this weekend. For those curious about the program, it is created by NVision Design. Google “Elf Bowling” to find more info. Warning: it is addicting and fun. I highly recommend it for those in quarantine, it is a form of solitary, using elves instead of cards.

I need a nap. After I bowl over some rebellious elves of course…