The Toolbox

Hubby has his shop where he can do his hobbies of choice, that involve power tools, saws, planers, drills, and a log splitter. There are so many other tools that he had to have a new seven-foot-tall tool chest.  Now mind you, the man already had three other large tool chests.  However, this monster of a toolbox is the perfect accessory for any man’s cave.  On the outside, it is just a tall and wide toolbox. Being a normal woman it did not occur to me to “check out”  a toolbox.  The manufacturer counts on this fact but disguises the box’s perks behind its gray metal doors, in case.

Oh, and perks there are!  The Monster Toolbox has a quality surround sound stereo system, installed inside.  Music while you work, I get that.  Pretty darn fancy, for a toolbox. I thought, but I did not say.  He uses his tools and his shop every day, so he is entitled to his toys.

One of our boys let it slip about the refrigerator, also installed in the Monster.  At first, I was jealous, then after thinking about it for a day or two, I became grateful.  That way the menfolk**, can have their own bar and snack items there in the man cave – did I mention the snack storage?  This provides a large decrease in the trafficking of dirt, sap, and orange soil into the house while foraging for sustenance.

Notice there are speakers on both sides. They can fan out for better acoustics. Why does one need this feature, on a toolbox?  I don’t hear any music. Only power tools, chainsaws, and hammering.

** I say “menfolk”,  but this cave gathering encompasses my daughter, her family, two sons, and their families.  Even my doggie likes to hang out there – they must stock her treats in the Monster.

I did not label the snack section – no one will tell me where it is.  I bet my doggie knows exactly where.

♥  TTFN  ♥

Pardon Me, If I Rant a Little

About garment tags.  Again. I speak of tags sewn into garments, not the digital ones that run amok all over social media.I have written a rant about tags already in 2010, then re-published the same a year later because I liked it so much.  This is completely different.  If you are curious about the original, feel free to click the bold text:  The War on Tags

I spent most of the day Saturday performing tag-ectomy surgeries.  Out of ten garments, I only needed to mend 3 of them, this is a great percentage BTW. 

I have questions for the garment industry.  I do not know where to send them – this is why I am asking y’all.  Please, if anyone happens to know the answer – use the comment section and tell us all!

  1. Why do you use the stiffest, scratchy, and itchiest fabric for the tags?  Can’t you use the same fabric as the garment?
  2. Why do you use large, black tags with sheer blouses & nighties?  
  3. What is with the tags on the side seams of garments now? If they replaced the neckline ones that could be good, but alas, they are an addition to the removing and resewing process. Grrr!
I am sure there are other questions we would like answered, but those three are the most important in my opinion. If you think of others, please let me know!

Strong is the New Pretty

I received a gift from my Mary Kay group leader, a notebook with the saying “Strong is the New Pretty” boldly on the softcover.

Who am I to argue with that?   It is a cute purse-sized journal too.  She probably does not know I am an addict.  Stationery, notebooks, binders, journals, daytimers. Wonderfully blank pages I need to fill in.  I have worsened with age, and now I am always looking for the perfect pen to write with, which is not yet available to purchase in a store.  The closest pens I found to fitting comfortably in my hand and help me to write neatly and smoothly, are at my Subaru Service Department.  I used to be able to steal one or two every six months when I had maintenance done on my car.  Alas, the last time I went in, they did not have the pens set out in cups (damn COVID-19!)

I am seriously considering showing up and asking them if I could buy some pens.  I am pretty close to being desperate enough to embarrass myself.  Stay tuned.  My Subaru is going to be due for maintenance soon – who knows what will happen…

However, this post is not about my addictions or preferences.  It is about the statement, “Strong is the New Pretty”  – what exactly is the meaning behind that?  Is it a woman who has inner strength is attractive (a.k.a. “pretty”)?  Does it mean muscular women are more attractive these days?  Is the old pretty no longer valid?

I am surely overthinking this.  But I would like to know where this quote originated from.  I want to know what they were thinking.  I hope one of my dear readers knows something about the new pretty and can clue me (us) in.  Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment!

♥  TTFN  ♥