Spring Cleaning – The “Kid’s” Room

A.k.a. The Right Room, The Toy Room. It is the guest room between the Master and the end (Left side) guest room. It has a full sized bed and a closet full of games and toys. The left room has a queen sized bed, so it goes to married couples who visit. When no one is visiting it is my sewing room, but we will be visiting that room another day.

I need to finish up with the kid’s room so I can move on to the left room, a.k.a., sewing room. What a heap of unorganized “stuff”! Artwork and Picture frames cover the bed (underneath all the fabric and yarn.) I forgot about that chore. I have way too many things to hang and not enough walls. I hope I have room for them under all the beds, again, because I can’t make decisions like that now. I need a shower and some breakfast before my date with my hairdresser. If I can focus, I will still have an hour to clean before I leave to go there.

I actually had 15 minutes to clean. Got half of the headboard and footboard done. When I got back from the beauty shop and the grocery store I finished cleaning the bed frame and the matching table. Under the glass tabletop I could see the very fuzzy base board and frankily, I was jealous. The base board has more hair than I did.

Now, instead of being the woman who has half a shaved head, I am that bald chick. Or, that Marine who wears lipstick. Soon I won’t have to wear hats and that makes the weird looks worth it. I suppose I will have to put sunscreen on my head, but it should not ruin my hair – Ha! If you are feeling sorry for me – don’t. My head looks gorgeous now, four months after surgery. Too bad the wound still pulls and aches most of the time. The fuzz has almost covered up the scar. Wait! Why am I talking about my lobotomy again? Apologies.

What peach fuzz I have is spiked!

I do not know where the time goes, but it is already 5:00 pm and time to prep dinner. If I want to sew after dinner, I need to finish with the kid’s room. I would rather be working on my bubble quilt, but I have curtains to finish and another set to make from scratch. Sigh.

What I really want to do is eat a huge piece of cake and call it dinner. Hubby wouldn’t let me. He takes better care of me than I do sometimes.

Darn it!


Spring Cleaning: The Big Fat List

You may or may not remember that I mentioned a list with chores that I wanted to get done. In fact, I stated, “I am writing a list of unclean things that are grossing me out.” Easy to put things on the list. Checking them off is complicated when you devote 2-3 hours a day working on something. Making progress is great, but I can’t cross the thing off the list until all of it is completed. So I had to make sub-lists of all the items on the big, fat list. That way I can check stuff off a lot.

“Another plan?”, you ask. Sort of. It is important that I don’t over-do and stress myself into feeling overwhelmed, like every other year. I am trying to pace myself. After all, I live here and I can clean whatever I want, when I want (almost). There is a deadline for the guest rooms to get uncluttered and cleaned well. I will be highly motivated to get those rooms acceptable.

I scanned my list and posted it. Maybe there are people who would like to see if it works for them. I hope it does, and I hope I’m one of those people. Please forgive the penmanship. I almost typed it up, but I stopped myself in time.

Try not to laugh too hard. The list will grow as I find things not on there now. Blah!


Spring Cleaning: The Truth About Ovens

If you don’t know about self-cleaning ovens, let me educate you. First off, the oven does not really clean anything. YourSELF and mySELF do all the preparation: washing oven door, removing the bottom drawer (with pots and pans in it) away from the oven, and removing the oven racks.) The racks must be scrubbed by yourSELF. All the parts that sit on top of the oven (stove pieces) must also be cleaned by yourSELF. Well, you ask, what does the oven do? The oven heats up to 550 degress Farenheight. Stays on for 4 hours at that temp, then the cycle is over. A more accurate description – the oven burns up the grime in itself and turns it to ash.

So, now, when the oven is fully cooled off, you need to get your damp rags and wipe out all of the ashes now inside your oven. Uh Oh! Remember the racks lying in the driveway “soaking” in 409? You must go scrub them, and wash them up. OMG, you never pulled out that pan drawer out, so your cookie sheets, griddle, pizza pan and the like have been terrorized by fire.

In case you are wondering – they all survived. My hands and arms are angry with me after spending the last 3 days scrubbing. I am also angry because the burnt on grease underneath the burner covers is so caked on that I can’t get it all off. How did I not notice this? I keep the stove top sparkly clean. But spills and splatters drip underneath the cover and build up and bake on.