Lazy & Useless Are We

Camp Gma took the day off today, and Chloe and I finished our Movie Marathon of the Twilight Saga. I disapproved of her watching stuff that had vampires, werewolves, and the like, but I knew she had already seen them all. I had read the books my daughter loaned me. To be honest, I LOVED the stories. They are original and about modern-day teenagers.

I made the mistake of watching the first one with her. Prime Video had the whole series available, free, for prime users. I discovered this while searching for the 2nd film of the 5 part series. I decided to watch #2 because I got a little crush on the boy who was also trying to woo Bella. NOT the dead guy, but the hot kid from the reservation. I have my standards, even in my fantasy world.

Like I said, we finished the marathon. Our youngest camper, Mary, will be here in about an hour. Gma is gonna sneak off and have a mini-nap while she still can.


Hoppin’ Mad!

First, I am going to apologize for this snarky, sarcastic post. It’s because I am angry. I can’t keep my mouth shut when I am this angry. My grandma in West Virginia never cussed, but we would try to sneak out of the house when she said she was ‘hoppin’ mad!’. If she did not call us by name, it was not us she was mad at. Eventually, you could piece together the story if you listened close to the kitchen when grandma would rant and rave it out of her system. Once she calmed down, she would quietly say, “Lord have mercy!” and carry on like nothing had happened.

I am hoppin’ mad at Reid McCarter. He is the %&*@# who wrote the news article about Spiderman’s demise yesterday. Big accident in the Disneyland Marvel Studio. And a video clip showing what happened. My previous post told all about it. The entire article and video were posted on my blog because I had a knee-jerk reaction to what he wrote.

After getting a negative comment from my sister, I wondered if this whole story was a hoax. did not seem to know anything about it, so it probably wasn’t. I researched Spidey and found articles about his crashing into walls & buildings a lot of times.


Reid McCarter, a.k.a., The Jerk, intentionally slanted and manipulated facts to misrepresent the entire event. He lied to us! Reporters are supposed to report the facts. Unfortunately, he left out the most crucial fact. He did not tell us (or even allude to) that Spiderman was animatronic. Other articles I read reported this fact upfront. Not this guy. He wanted us to believe that Spidey was a real man and that something horrible had happened to him.

Shame on you. I hope you get a lot of @#$%&*! about it.