Other People’s Music

I love music, all sorts of genres, artists.  My iPod is crammed full of my favorite songs. 

That being said, it is other people’s music that gets on my nerves.  I can hear it even better than they can.  This is because it is played so  *%^#@!  loud.  The contractors working on a house, the tree fellers, and Power Company, all make a lot of their own noise, which is why they turn up the volume.

I completely get wanting tunes while you work.  I wear my iPod when I clean or ask Alexa to play something for me.

It never occurred to me to share my music with the entire neighborhood. I am selfish in that regard. I assume that not everyone in earshot is a fan of Aerosmith or Billy Idol.  I also keep Guns and Roses to the confines of my earbuds.

So many times a week I have to suppress the knee-jerk response when they turn up their boom box.  I want to scream out my window –

“Tomorrow we are listening to MY playlist!”
and my personal favorite,
“Hey!, Loud music attracts bears, ya know!”

I do love our local musician who plays the trumpet.  He wraps up his evening selection (two or three classical tunes) with Taps.  Then he stops.  It could be that she stops, I am assuming that males are more inclined to play the trumpet.

Now that I am pondering this, it is possible we are not even talking about a trumpet.  It could be a saxophone. Maybe even an Obo.  The only string instrument I know is the piano.  I don’t care if it is a clarinet or a kazoo.  It is beautiful.  Hubby and I always stop what we are doing and just listen.  The dog even listens.

It is always at dusk when he plays, so I can’t wander about in the forest to figure out who it is.  Someday, I hope to figure it out.  I just want to send a Thank You card.  Maybe, some cookies.

♥  TTFN  ♥


Speedy Update

flower pot
Planted July 22nd, 2020

Checking in with Speedy, my avocado tree…

So far no upward sprouts, and I wonder if I should move him to a sunnier spot.  I will water him well and let him get more direct sun tomorrow.

More sun should help get his photosynthesis mojo going, right?  I’ll let you know…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Don’t You Poop on my Plans!

I hate it when party-poopers find out you are planning something. After hearing the details they have to tell you why that is a waste of time, it’s not going to work, blah, blah, blah.

I bought some avocado on sale around Cinco de Mayo. I saved the seeds and propped them up in vases so their bottoms would be underwater. One sprouted a root really quickly, the other 2 have not. Speedy, I name all my plants, needed to be planted, he was raring to go!

I found a pretty pot with a reservoir and some old potting soil amongst my gardening things.  Perfect!  Now Speedy is all snug in his pretty pot on our front deck. I have to watch out for hungry forest animals who may want to much on the tender sprouts.  flower pot

Anyway, they scoffed the last time I grew an avocado tree.  It lives happily in Southern California now.

Same when I planted Sunflowers back when we lived in town.  They were gorgeous!  And we enjoyed the seeds too.

The point is – don’t listen to the nay-sayers, party-poopers, or otherwise negative people.  Plant things, write poetry, bake things, make quilts – Be your best YOU.

♥  TTFN  ♥