Black Sunday

What does Alex have to do to get benched? Does he have embarrassing pictures of NFL royalty? I just don’t get it.

Throwing long bombs to the other team, fumbling badly, and throwing the ball away in very bad places, are not reasons for benching a QB? I understand that everyone has bad days, and everybody makes mistakes.

However, Alex is having bad days on ALL of our game days.

When Carr began warming up and Alex and coach were engrossed in serious conversation I figured Alex was going to be benched. Nope. Alex did not want to go quietly into the night, and nobody made him. I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand I was mad at coach for wimping out. I do like the fact that Alex was not giving up the fight.  Since I am never consulted on these matters, Carr did not get to play last night.

Losing is always hard to take. But what is really painful is watching them. I never enjoyed the Keystone Cops show, and I can’t help thinking that this is what I am watching.  My jaws ached after clenching my teeth last night for 3 ½ hours. When I was not clenching, I was hollering (loudly) words I do not use in everyday life. It was pure agony to watch on TV. I can’t imagine watching this from the sidelines as a coach. I bet you Singletary was hollering quite a lot of those reserved words.

My darling 49ers have great players with a lot of talent, so what is going on? This team has been known to kick some major butt. Unfortunately, the only butt we are kicking these days is our own.  L