Here we go again!

Coach Singletary

Well, Merde ….

I do not feel positive at all about the 2011 season.

Ha! That is a Holy Understatement. The holiday season must have tamed my attitude. Don’t worry, this never lasts past Jan 2nd.

First of all I am appalled at Jed York (with his Uncle Eddie’s help of course) for firing Coach Singletary & his “closest” assistant coaches.  Eddie, everyone has figured it out except for you. It’s not the coaches, or assistant coaches, fault that the 1990’s are over and Joe Montana & Steve Young have retired. GET OVER IT!

If you want the team to consistently be winning, give them some consistency to rely upon. A new head coach every year does NOT make things more stable. Add to that equation a new General Manager & assistant coaches, and you have the perfect set up for an even shittier season next year.

Eddie, please put a stop to this madness! Apologize (or not) and hire Singletary & assistants back.

We beg of you. Sir.

I’m not sure I will have the energy to continue the 49er section of my blog in 2011. It could get ugly and overly emotional…

Please let me know how you feel about amateur sports blogs