Insulin Pump Saga: Making the Choice

First of all, I want to say that it’s so exciting to see so many companies out there making life easier for diabetics! Easier when you use their products, but not easier to make a decision…

The next step on my “pump-to-do list” was to meet with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who specialized in all the different pumps available through my health plan.  There were 5 options for me to explore, and every one of them had features I wanted. However, every feature I wanted was not available in one product. So not fair!!

My CDE said all the pumps were good products, so any choice I made would be OK with her. She sent me home with large packets of information (manufacturer’s propaganda) about each product.  My ‘homework’ was to decide on one. I mulled over 3-days. Deciding, then doubting myself. Re-reading about each one, deciding again, just to doubt again the next morning.

You may have noticed that I have a very hard time making decisions. Even on silly things, like which day do I cook tacos. So this was mind numbing!

I wanted a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) included in the pump itself so I would not have to wear 2 devices on my person. There were pumps that would use wireless technology to gather data from the CGM. But alas, no pump had CGM capability. Yet. I’m sure it is coming soon – but I had to decide now instead of later.

Then, it occurred to me to pay attention to my normal routine and see how each one would fit in.

Which one did I choose?

OmniPod-logo   The OmniPod® by Insulet.  I had to consider the fact that I am extremely clumsy and  uncoordinated. So the thought of having to deal with tubing made me cringe. The more I thought about it, being around grandchildren and dogs that could be playing and… you get the picture.  I realized that I needed to go with the tubeless pump that worked via remote control. You had to stick your fingers all the time, but your remote was your test meter and tells the pump what the reading is.

You fill the little device with insulin (3-days worth) and then you attach it to your abdomen, or back or arm. To insert the cannula, you select and the remote tells the unit to insert.  And later, if a CGM is necessary, it will be compatible. How awesome is that??!

The little “pod” is the easy part. It’s the remote control I will need a lot of training and practice with.

I’m pretty confident that I can handle this. After all, I use 3 remote controls to play a DVD, and the OmniPod only needs one  😉


If you are interested in exploring pump options for yourself or some one else, these are links to the leading pump manufacturers/products that I had to choose from:

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