Peace, With A View

Writing 101: Day Two
If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go – right now?

NavarreBeachOh, Navarre…

I want to be with your calm and warm water, lazily lapping the whitest of sand. The mornings I spent laying prostrate on an air mattress, admiring an ocean smooth as glass, were blissful. The sun, kissing my skin with its gentle warmth, no hint of its ravaging heat, that sets fire to the sand, in mid-day.

In early morning, the sea blends with the air in temperature, and I feel like I’m floating on nothing. My anxiety and burdens leave me.  I want to stay like this forever, one with nature. Only feeling. Not thinking. (I think way too much.) I wanted this wonderful peace  to come home with me. But it could not.

When I think of Navarre, it’s always “Oh, Navarre…”, spoken in a nostalgic, yearning way, bordering on the dramatic. It’s name reminds me of Nirvana. Not the band, but the word’s definition: “Nirvana is a place or state of being in peace or complete happiness.”

And that is exactly how Navarre was for me.


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