No, NO, This Cannot Be So! 

ThingOneAndTwoWhen you read the title just now, did it bring on Dr. Seuss flashbacks?  Oh. Me neither.

I counted on the beginning of 2015 letting me return to my (not so normal) routine. I put off a multitude of responsibilities, until “the holiday’s are over and the kids (along with grand-kids & dogs) leave.”  Of course I love when they are here, and I have no aversion to their hanging around for awhile. But…

I have difficulty, when others are around with anything that requires using my brain. I am very easily distracted. I can’t concentrate, even if my iPod is playing my favorite music. I need silence, and no distractions… so there is no way I can function now.  The talking. The constant, too loud, TV that is playing kid movies – that kids are not watching because they can’t sit still. Man programs involving souped-up cars, snakes, some other crazy pointless crap stuff, or my personal favorite (not!), mindless channel surfing.

I am stressed and losing my mind, only able to hang on because tomorrow – I will have my house back to myself.  Blissful, uninterrupted,  quiet!  This made me nervous in a “too good to be true” way, if you know what I mean. My intuition tried to warn me, but of course, I ignored it.

Hubby gets a call from his out-of-town buddy who is coming into town Monday – and wants (of course) to stay here for three nights.  CrazyLadyWithShotgun

“Is that OK with you?” He asks me, after writing the days his buddy is  staying, on our calendar.

Sigh² Oh Goody.  I get to spend the next two days with my washer & dryer and my kitchen sink & stove. I will plan menus, then grocery shop. Don’t let me forget to scrub the guest bathroom, change linens & clean the main guest room. All of this runs through my head in seconds, as I stare speechless at hubby.

“Sure,” I answer, and I’m smiling, because in that very moment, I plummeted over the edge (of sanity).




* Sigh² [sigh squared]  A term using emotional math. It means a long, loud, eye-rolling, sigh of complete annoyment .

Annoyment [an noy’ mint] adverb. From the root word ‘annoy’: a state of annoyance achieved by an individual. (Taken from The Dictionary of Words That Should Exist, 1st Ed. 2013)

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