My Happy Earrings

I normally do not post photos of
myself here (or anywhere!) but I HAD to show y’all my new accessory.

Head Shot SideShot

Last week-end my wonderful 10-year old granddaughter made me a pair of earrings. Out of duct tape! The ear wires are real wire, but the big flowers are not. So, even though they are HUGE, they are light weight. When I tried them on I immediately thought of Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In. Wild and happy.

You cannot put these wonderful earrings on your ears and not smile.  When you see your up-tight and harried self in the mirror, put on these big flower earrings and smile at yourself. They will not solve big problems, or create peace in the Middle-East. (At least, I don’t think so.) But these big, bright flowers can lighten your spirits, and maybe things won’t seem so bad.

Seeming better is a happy thing.

I plan to wear them to our next Board Meeting.

They couldn’t hurt.  🙂