Revolution OR Revulsion?


I read an article posted by the leading blog, The Last Refuge. I was at first skeptical, then I watched the 5 video clips filmed in San Jose yesterday during the riots. I say riots because these were not people “protesting” Trump. These people were looking for a battle. They wanted bloodshed, so I hope they are happy now.

The following two paragraphs (found in the article) were particularly chilling:

“Last evening in San Jose California a violent mob of several hundred were allowed by the San Jose Police Department and Democrat San Jose Mayor to attack Donald Trump supporters as they were leaving the rally venue.

In response to the brutality last night, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (democrat), blamed Donald Trump and his supporters for not “accepting the beatings with more appreciation.”

What the F^*@#$%!?

If I had not seen for myself the American flag, people cursing in English, police in uniform, I would have thought this was happening in one of those small third world countries that throw over their government every other year.

This is the United States of America!  What happened to tolerating another person’s opinion? Where is free speech? Equality under the law?  OK. We get that you hate Trump. We don’t have to fight in the streets about it, because we each have a voice, and it will be heard. All we have to do is:  VOTE

American Flag

It is really that simple!