Inspiring Oneself

The older I get, the less optimistic I am.  As a little girl I knew I had a calling to help people. I didn’t know exactly how I would do this, but I just knew things would work out.

My life and the world are strangers to me now.  Unrealized goals and day-dreams have jaded me. Inspiration is much tougher to achieve. I lose focus, and even worse, purpose. Then there are distractions, responsibilities, irritations to deal with. When Christmas feels more like a burden than a holiday, I know I’m in trouble.  Adding to the mess are diabetic complications and sleep deprivation.

Here is where I start getting depressed. Insecurity about my writing – the book is taking so long, my blog is neglected…  A couple of hours of this and now I have no clue why I love to write, I’m obviously crappy at it.

Then, I come across this little quote by Confucius:


I find myself calmed and inspired to keep going. Those philosophers are GOOD!