Joining Team Coke

Coke or Pepsi

I am on the Coke Team, not because I drink cola, but I like their other products like Sprite Zero and Diet Bargs Root Beer.

I am sick of cola and this is why: establishments only carry Coke or Pepsi diet soda.

I fantasize about being able to order, and enjoy, a Sprite Zero when I am out having a meal. It happens to be a Coke product, but only the sugary versions are available in the food industry world. I need to send a rant to the Coca-Cola organization. Basically telling them that not everyone drinks cola, people who need to watch their sugar content like many types of soda. So please give us an un-cola choice!!

Readers – thank you for your comments, they were most fun to read  😉

Matticus – add 7 more players for the Kingdom’s Coke side  😉