Extreme BBQing

BBQ’s are to a man, like a kitchen is to a woman. Oh sure, women barbecue also, and some men enjoy cooking in the kitchen.

However, these custom BBQ’s seem to be crafted by men who take BBQing to the extreme…


I would have my husband cook a LOT more if he owned this! [Gene, this one makes me think of you…]
Hot Rod BBQ
Looks hard to cook on to me. Maybe the robot does the cooking?

This makes me wonder what kind of car this guy owns. And if this BBQ cooks faster than the other ones.

Tail Gate Party BBQ
A must have tail-gate party accessory

Would you really cook with vehicle exhaust? Maybe. If everyone was drinking large quantities of beer, you may get away with this.


Chopper BBQ
The Chopper BBQ

I am sure this is one of hubby’s favorite, although he really loves the next one…


This BBQ is really a killer. Don’t mess with the cook.

Every member of the NRA needs one!


MY personal favorite…

Potty BBQ
Bon Appetit!

What a good way to recycle those old potties lying around in the yard, heh?

Which one is YOUR favorite?

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