Vintage Treasures

Everybody has at least one.  I have been blessed with a ghastly amount of them – more on that later…

I can’t remember exactly what year I got the coat, but I believe it was the summer before I began college. You don’t really need to bundle up much when you live in central California, but I was going to attend South Missouri State University that fall.

How I love that poofy coat! It blocks out windy cold and wet weather – it’s only flaw was not having an attached hood.

My daughter HATES this coat. Not only the coat, but she’s too embarrassed to be seen with me, wearing the coat.
“Mom!” she tries to explain, “That coat is so out of style and so ridiculous looking!” Then she further disses the coat by telling me, “It’s looks like it came from the 70s!”
“It IS from the 70s.” I say, a bit proud of that fact.
“OMG!” my 14-year-old granddaughter exclaims, “The nineteen seventies?!”

So a few weeks after the last dissing of the coat, I tried it on and found I had gained enough weight that it didn’t fit right anymore.  OK, you win, girls. No more vintage coat.

It is still at the thrift shop and I’m tempted to buy it. I could put it up for bid on eBay and earn some cash. SOME people appreciate vintage fashion.

Then again, I could just buy it back and wear it to my daughter’s this coming winter…

♥  TTFN  ♥