I Should Have Been in Vegas…

I was at the wrong place at the right time.

This is better than being there at the wrong time, but not being there at the right time can be Really* annoying. To the 8th power annoying, even.

I can almost hear Pirates in the background complaining, “ARGgggggh!”


Isn’t that the most beautiful sight, on a video poker machine?

I only had the Ace and the Queen. The rest of the Royal Flush was dealt to me. At first I did not realize what happened, probably because bells and whistles were not blaring. Of course not – I was not in Vegas.

I was in my comfy chair, sipping my first cup of coffee of the morning – at home.

The machine paid out 4,000 credits (a.k.a. nothing). Oh well.  The perk is, when I lose all my credits, it gives me 100 more – no questions asked.  No swarthy bouncer type stalking me either.

And, the best perk of all, I can play poker in my pajamas with my puppy at my feet.

So, Caesars Palace?  Bellagio?  Venusian?  Wynn? …  can any of you make me that comfy and happy while I play poker?

Dare you.

♥  TTFN  ♥


* Based on the 0 to 10 ‘Really’ Scale, that measures non-measurable things. Like Passion, Irritation, Annoyance, Cuteness and Urgency.