Marine Cleaning

The Marine Corps has a saying – “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”.  I know this because Clint Eastwood kept saying it in Heartbreak Ridge.

I must take this to heart and change how I go about Spring cleaning. Last year I did not get to Spring Clean because spring never came.  It went from Winter to Summer and my house suffered.  Now it is almost June and I keep putting off the deep cleaning, waiting for warm and sunny days.

Here I go again.  Instead of Capri’s and a tank-top, I must pull on some warm leggings and a comfy sweater, don my Playtex gloves and get my iPod charged up.  It usually takes me 2 or 3 weeks to deep clean the place.  My house is not a mansion, but it is filthy. The filth is not up in your face, rather subtly playing opossum.  I know it is there, and the knowing is making me crazy.

I do have a plan and I’m going to write it down.  I don’t have to do everything in order, but I have to do everything.  First I must order a new brush attachment for my vacuum – I need a clean one to vacuum the window blinds before I take them outside and hose them down.  I definitely need sun for that chore so they can dry.

I will spare you the further grueling details of my plan. (You’re welcome)

Before I go and slave away, I leave you with this little graphic I “borrowed” from somewhere…

Which reminds me –

I better make sure my mom is securely put away…

♥  TTFN  ♥