Change in Prespective

Yesterday I had cataract surgery in my right eye. Today, my vision is unbalanced. My left eye is my “worse” eye according to my ophthalmologist, and now I know just how bad it really is. Since the right eye is now my “distance” eye, and the left will be my “close up” eye once the surgery is done on it in a couple weeks.

I have no depth perception at all now. I reach for something that is right there, but it isn’t. I don’t dare work on any sewing – especially using a rotary cutter!

I need to do some ironing, but that too may have to wait. NaNoWriMo has been suspended because I’ve given myself quite a headache just writing this post.
The 1-day follow-up appointment this morning will have a massive amount of questions for the doctor. I have no experience with eye surgery – oral surgery is my expertise – Ha!
I wish my fellow WriMo’s a productive day and I hope to be back on the job tomorrow 🙂