Things That Multiple Personalities Should NOT Do…

ME (et al.)

If you have followed along for a while, you may have  “met” most of the above personalities. They ALL have something to say.

Things I should not do:

  • Get a Tattoo. Who would get to decide which one? We would be mortified by any image that suited another.
  • Go to Las Vegas. Not to mention any names, but one of us is a bit sleazy, one of us is a slot junkie, and who knows what kind of trouble the Goth one would cause.
  • Get Married. My poor husband! Every evening when he leaves work, he has no clue who he is coming home to.  Sometimes he enjoyed the surprise.
  • Work with Alzheimer’s patients. Those poor souls have enough confusion in their lives. They certainly don’t need us.
  • Go anywhere without a GPS: Not a single one of us has any sense of direction.  I mean none… whatsoever.
  • Have the combination to the gun safe: The Government could learn from hubby and the kids about keeping top-secret information from getting into the wrong hands.
When I worked, I had a mood warning system on my office door.  Most co-workers thought I was trying to be funny, but my immediate group paid attention.

Gotta go now. It’s way past my bedtime


Hey! Who are you calling “a bit sleazy” you sanctimonious witch!

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