It’s Thursday Already?!

Giggles & Bits

It has been that kind of week. Hubby’s alarm clock goes off on Thursday’s so he can open up the Sheriff’s substation on time. It’s a safety measure only because the sun blasting into our bedroom wakes us around 0600 in the summer. I take advantage of having a morning to myself to read my Bible, sew on the latest quilt I’m working on, clean something, and take my pup for a walk before the road gets too hot.

We walked at 9:30 because it has been cold this week. Overnight temperatures in the low 30’s I’m talking about. The sun is out and warm, yet a cold breeze hits you like icewater thrown in your face. It is 11:30 now and I am at my desk. It has a heater register right under my feet and the heater kicked on because it got below 60 degrees in the house. Although my fingers are busy, they are like ice.

No cleaning, sewing, or reading has occured yet. My morning has been tied up with dealing with an embarassing error in judgment. Sigh. I hate to admit this horrid mistake, out loud like this, but knowledge is a strong deterrent from stupidity, and I want to make sure that my faithful readers don’t take the bait.

I got totally and completly scammed this week. It truly humbled me. “I can spot these scams a mile away” I can hear myself say, in fact, I was convinced that I was far too smart for them. Well, apparently not. I got an email from a friend, who asked me for a favor. Why would I question this?

I blame the lobotomy I had in February. I can make excuses all I want, but it will not get my money back. It is gone. Not like it was my life savings. However, I feel vunerable and victimized, just the same. “Hoppin’ mad!” is how my grandma in West Virginia would have described how I feel.

No giggles this Thursday, heh? I will try my hardest to amuse you over the weekend, but first I must get my giggles back.


Mission Successful

Not only did I find the 2016 version of Mollie’s story, but my notes, research and all that went with it.

The Draft Book Cover

So, I am excited and raring to get going of course, but I will not. Not until I have an outline completely worked out. There will be no “on-the-fly” decisions this time. No deviations from the story. This outline will probably take some time, and so it should – it is the blueprint of my first novel. This do-over is going to feel so great! I have had a year to let the story settle and the dust clear out. I am no longer sick and tired of it.

That being said, I will start by jotting down thoughts and ideas for the outline. But not tonight. I promised myself I would get my office under control so I can work in it again.

And there is that spring cleaning list looming over my head…


Rescue Mission

Domestic Friday for this week is to work on the Spring Cleaning List. (What!? That again!?!) However, because it’s on my mind so much, I may have to read the 2019 version of my novel I found while looking through a back up drive last night – OR perhaps I should find an earlier copy to make sure I had not begun ruining it yet.

By ruining, I mean editing it in a hurry to finish it. Very BAD idea and an even stupider decision making process. All that work and willy nilly edits. Ruined. If I find an earlier copy – one that is pure in story, research, and character, I promise not to ruin it. Who am I making this promise to?

Myself and my main character, who is still not happy with me. She knows how I ruined her story and she is causing me twinges of guilt. I am also receiving random glimpses into her thoughts, that I should be writing down so I don't forget them because, after all, that is the purpose of her story. I can't sit at the computer all day, but I can hunt down the right copy of her manuscript so I have it handy when I can.

Stay Tuned….