It’s Giggles and Bits Time

You probably know that I live in the Stanislaus National Forest. If you don’t already know this, now you do. My point is, occasionally you see silly things that you would not see in the city.

I feel like it’s my mission to share these things with my non-mountain readers. That, and it’s Thursday…

I call this collection, “Forest Ninjas”

To Catch the Squirrel, Be the Squirrel
Jean Claude Van Raccoon
May I Join You For Lunch?

I Call This Collection “Just Plain Crazy”

Elk Hunting
Plain Rabbit
Are You Looking At Me?

Hope you enjoyed these giggles!


A Little Too Close …

The quote to the right really hit home this summer. I honestly thought that I would have another year before my eleven year old granddaughter turned to the dark side. Ha! Her mother turned at eleven, why did I not see it coming? COVID-19, that is why. I never even got to see her when she was ten, except on a computer screen.

It was not until I saw her in person this summer did I notice how tall she had grown. And she did not need help with her bath anymore. She was even body-shy, with her grandma. Oh my. Yet, she wanted the tooth fairy to come and get the molar she lost last week.

My phone has not seen so much action, well. – ever. Two different boys have my number, but they are not calling me. One lad is “just my friend” she tells me. The other one is her boyfriend. Holy Moley. I wonder what eleven year old boys want? Do they get peer pressure to hook up? Do I really want to find the answers to these questions?

Probably not.

It’s true that I am a curious person. (Some people would say I am nosy and they would not be wrong.) But more and more these days I am hesitant to explore the unknown. Every time I venture out on the internet I see/read something horrifying. Once you see something, you can’t un-see it. That also goes for learning something I rather not know. That being said, I promise to not read your texts.

I only want to have my phone back so I can charge it. I swear.


Thoughts About Humor

Often people confuse silliness with foolish or stupid behavior.  Let me explain the difference.  All great comedians incorporate some silliness into their routines.  Jeff Dunham has Peanut.  Jim Gaffigan shares silly thoughts with the audience about what he should have said.  Ron White, normally complaining, had his pug dog on stage wrestling with him on the floor, in his special, “A Little Unprofessional.”  That was unexpected and delightful!

If you want Foolish/Stupid behavior, watch The Three Stooges.  

My favorite type of comedy is more subtle.  It has unexpected and surprising turns that make you laugh out loud before you even realize it.  I enjoy hearing about crazy family members, spouses, and children.  Tell me about the silly things your dog does.  Memories of funny moments are often funnier as you tell them.

This photoTea Party Madness was taken on a spring afternoon.  My granddaughter wanted to go on a picnic, but it was raining on and off, and she had a cold.  She was not happy about this change in her agenda.  After 5 minutes of pouting, she begrudgingly agreed to have a tea party on our covered porch.  

With our tea, we enjoyed fruit and cookies.  However, she drank and nibbled and sat silent.  Normally she is bouncy and full of life.  You can’t get a word in edgewise, unless she is asking you questions.  She asks A LOT of questions some days, and they are rapid fired at you as soon as you answer the prior one.

Hey, look like you’re having fun at least,” I said, aiming my camera at her. She does look like she is having fun, wouldn’t you agree?

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