Monday, Monday

Here I am, retired & graduated, and still not liking Mondays.
What the heck!?!

I just assumed Monday’s were yucky because the work and school weeks were starting up.  They aren’t, for me anyway, so what gives?

I was never ready for Monday.  I knew it was coming up, right after Sunday. Still, the alarm goes off and I am not in any kind of state of mind to begin a new week.

Today is no exception.  Although our carpets are being cleaned as we speak – this throws off the logistics and organization of the household. The temperature is over 100 degrees. This is great for drying carpet and not so great for the canine and her humans.  Our solar panels are pumping out so many watts that our meter is going backward.  Now THAT is pretty darn great – until the power company shuts off our power grid due to wind/lightning/fire danger or just for grins.  

Things are about to get interesting.

For a Monday.

Other People’s Music

I love music, all sorts of genres, artists.  My iPod is crammed full of my favorite songs. 

That being said, it is other people’s music that gets on my nerves.  I can hear it even better than they can.  This is because it is played so  *%^#@!  loud.  The contractors working on a house, the tree fellers, and Power Company, all make a lot of their own noise, which is why they turn up the volume.

I completely get wanting tunes while you work.  I wear my iPod when I clean or ask Alexa to play something for me.

It never occurred to me to share my music with the entire neighborhood. I am selfish in that regard. I assume that not everyone in earshot is a fan of Aerosmith or Billy Idol.  I also keep Guns and Roses to the confines of my earbuds.

So many times a week I have to suppress the knee-jerk response when they turn up their boom box.  I want to scream out my window –

“Tomorrow we are listening to MY playlist!”
and my personal favorite,
“Hey!, Loud music attracts bears, ya know!”

I do love our local musician who plays the trumpet.  He wraps up his evening selection (two or three classical tunes) with Taps.  Then he stops.  It could be that she stops, I am assuming that males are more inclined to play the trumpet.

Now that I am pondering this, it is possible we are not even talking about a trumpet.  It could be a saxophone. Maybe even an Obo.  The only string instrument I know is the piano.  I don’t care if it is a clarinet or a kazoo.  It is beautiful.  Hubby and I always stop what we are doing and just listen.  The dog even listens.

It is always at dusk when he plays, so I can’t wander about in the forest to figure out who it is.  Someday, I hope to figure it out.  I just want to send a Thank You card.  Maybe, some cookies.

♥  TTFN  ♥


Speedy Update

flower pot
Planted July 22nd, 2020

Checking in with Speedy, my avocado tree…

So far no upward sprouts, and I wonder if I should move him to a sunnier spot.  I will water him well and let him get more direct sun tomorrow.

More sun should help get his photosynthesis mojo going, right?  I’ll let you know…

♥  TTFN  ♥