You Might Be Depressed If…

Jeff Foxworthy got famous for this statement “You might be a redneck if…”  His answers are more than funny – if you have hillbillies in your family tree, his answers ring true.  Being the truth, they are hysterical.

Anyway, I’m not attempting to ‘get famous’ for my statement (see title),  and it is hardly funny. The thing is, a person may not recognize depression settling in until it’s too late.  Depression is evil, and it sneaks up on you.Girl looking out window at rain

In the interest of crushing depression out of existence, I will share the warning signs / behaviors that I have experienced.

  • The only fashion you care about are your pajamas.
  • Grooming is the first thing to go. You don’t have the energy (or desire) to shower. After 3 days, you know you should groom yourself. You feel guilty, but wait until tomorrow.
  • Make-up? Hair styles?  HA! These need a mirror, and you avoid mirrors like a vampire.
  • Strange ideas pop into your head out of nowhere. And linger in your brain.
  • Your dreams are bizarre and disturbing, way more than they used to be.  Unfortunately, they do not lend themselves to an interesting blog post.
  • Everywhere you look you see spider webs, dust bunnies, soap scum, and copious amounts of dog hair.  As you see these things, you realize that there is also a rust colored film over each inch of the house. DUST.
  • You begin spring cleaning – even if it is not spring. You want to give up because the amount of work to be done is overwhelming. You do not give up because you can daydream about a better life while you listen to music and scrub.
  • When you do get dressed, you look like a hobo or a Ho. The last time you bought clothes was in 2003 and none of them fit anymore. Except pajamas.
  • You are reading this list and nodding your head.

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Songs Touching My Soul

Writing 101: Day Three – Commit to a writing practice
Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

Someone Saved my Life Tonight – Elton John
This song immediately takes me back to my cousin’s basement in Missouri where the summer nights were muggy and I spent too much time, while my BFF was working or on dates, being lovelorn and brooding. Well, I was a teenager back then, so melancholy was my middle name. I wanted someone to save me – from myself. I was lonely and incomplete, more than not, those days. Where was Tom Cruise when I needed him?

Breathe (2am) Anna Nalick
Her lyrics, “in my diary out loud” reminds me of blogging. We put ourselves out there, for better or worse. Our readers will take what they want from it, if anything. And we can’t go back to fix things, we must move forward or be stuck. Her chorus with “Just Breathe…” helps me to unwind and let go of my ‘baggage’. Live in the present. How much of live have I already missed because I wasn’t living in the present?

When I’m Back on My Feet Again – Michael Bolton
This song, from the first time I heard it, to today, makes me cry. I don’t know what Michael Bolton meant when he sang it, but to me the song portrays a person fighting addiction and wanting to live life happily instead of being under a burden of guilt and shame.

“Feel the sweet light of heaven, shinning down on me” speaks of no longer having to hide in the darkness, covering up lies and secrets. “Some sweet day, some sweet day, I will feel it” is the hope and determination to win this fight, and wrestle his soul back from addictions grip.

And that day, my friend, is sweet indeed 🙂

I’d love to hear what YOU, dear reader, feel when you hear these songs!



Little-Known Reasons to Stay a Non-Smoker

Periodically I remind myself of the reasons I quit smoking. New reasons come along as time goes by and I add them to my list…

These reasons aren’t the usual major health concerns, but they certainly are “perks” to enjoy!

  • My clothes don’t get ashes or circle burns on them.
  • My lipstick stays on.
  • My purse isn’t full of loose tobacco.
  • Hubby kisses me more often.
  • My car smells nice.
  • I never have to “bum one” from strangers.
  • No over-full ashtrays to deal with.
  • I love that I don’t have to quit anymore.
  • Have I mentioned I smell pretty?

Do you have silly reasons to stay a non-smoker? Please send them to Not Pretending (to be sane), so I can add them to the list!

Enjoy your day  🙂

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