The Big Day For San Francisco

No matter what happens at Candlestick Park this afternoon – I am so proud of  “my boys” I could bust! I am already dressed out for the game and it’s only 11:00 am. I had to get dressed anyway, right? My little pre-game ritual helps me get into Game Mode. This is important to help the Force. Trust me.

A co-worker of mine is a 49er fan, but she is not allowed to watch their games anymore. She unfortunately made this comment to her mate: “I shouldn’t have watched the game. They always lose when I watch”.  She has not watched a live game since she opened her mouth. Her mate gives her live re-caps during commercials, but it’s not the same. Her mate assures her that the sacrifice she makes  is really appreciated, as he sends her to her room.  I feel so bad for her! I will admit that I’m secretly glad she’s not watching today’s game.

Not everyone in my family is a 49er fan. I don’t know exactly who these people are , because they act like 49er fans when they are around me. They are wrong, but they’re not stupid.

My 18 month old granddaughter is a 49er fan. Granted, she squeals “niners!” when she sees any football game on TV, no matter who is playing, but she knows who she is rooting for and that’s the important thing.  Bonus: she doesn’t drink beer. Her favorite blankie, binky and 49er bear is all she needs. Also, taking over grandma’s comfy chair is fun. Sometimes she will let me sit with her. I have to bring the cookies. 😉

Little 49er Fan
Future 49er Kicker

Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Day 1

Birthday CakeFriday, May 20th

Dear Diary,

My last puff was 8-hours ago. I feel really good and energetic, except I am mentally pacing around and restless. It’s time for my after lunch smoke, but I am not doing that. I can still go outside on my break and enjoy the sunshine – it will be weird without a cigarette, but then, what isn’t?

Before I leave for the weekend I think I will clean my work area. My desk is surrounded by dust bunnies and there are crumbs and coffee stains everywhere. It’s starting to gross me out and make me claustrophobic. Only an hour or so until I leave here and go to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients my daughter will need to make my special diabetic approved birthday cake this weekend. She found a recipe that is so wonderful AND uses artificial sugar 🙂

My next-door-office neighbor gave me a gift this morning. A large bag overflowing with sugar-free candies to help me through my cigarette-less days ahead. Is she being her sweet self, or is she afraid? Regardless, I am enjoying them much!

Well- I must get off my butt and take a little walk around the building now.


Diary of a Nicotine Addict: T -10 hours and Counting

The Last One

Thursday, May 19th

Dear Diary,

My last pack has 4 cigarettes in it and I am debating whether or not to save 1  of them for the morning with my coffee. Waking up for me is the hardest part without a cigarette. Don’t I deserve a break on my birthday morning? The more I think about it, the better it sounds, so that is now my plan. Maybe I can save 2 of them….

Today I warned my co-worker and office hallway neighbor that tomorrow I may seem “off”. I have a mindless task all to work on all day if I want (need?) to. Since my hubby hasn’t read my blog in a long time, I had to warn him also. He took the news really well, which means he forgot what a pain in the ass I’m going to be for an unknown quantity of days. Maybe weeks.

I may even glam it up a bit if I have extra time. I never know what sort of mood I will be having in the morning, so I may go to work wearing comfy casual. One thing I am definitely wearing is a nicotine patch. What I put on over it, is not so important.

When you arise tomorrow morning, please wish me luck, or say a prayer, or knock on wood for me – whatever it is you do to send someone good vibes, OK?. I will need them!