Diary of a Nicotine Addict: T -10 hours and Counting

The Last One

Thursday, May 19th

Dear Diary,

My last pack has 4 cigarettes in it and I am debating whether or not to save 1  of them for the morning with my coffee. Waking up for me is the hardest part without a cigarette. Don’t I deserve a break on my birthday morning? The more I think about it, the better it sounds, so that is now my plan. Maybe I can save 2 of them….

Today I warned my co-worker and office hallway neighbor that tomorrow I may seem “off”. I have a mindless task all to work on all day if I want (need?) to. Since my hubby hasn’t read my blog in a long time, I had to warn him also. He took the news really well, which means he forgot what a pain in the ass I’m going to be for an unknown quantity of days. Maybe weeks.

I may even glam it up a bit if I have extra time. I never know what sort of mood I will be having in the morning, so I may go to work wearing comfy casual. One thing I am definitely wearing is a nicotine patch. What I put on over it, is not so important.

When you arise tomorrow morning, please wish me luck, or say a prayer, or knock on wood for me – whatever it is you do to send someone good vibes, OK?. I will need them!


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