A Blog By Any Other Name…

Is just as wild and crazy as the author.

It’s time for me to merge my 2 blogs into one. My “Not Pretending (to be sane)” blog will morph into “Jodi Lea’s Place”. It makes sense to match up the URL to the site, doesn’t it?  You do not have to answer that, or even know what it means. As long as I do, we are both OK.

If you have bookmarked the site (and I hope you did!) you will still get my blog, although it will look quite strange.  Consider yourself warned.

Some of the categories will be eliminated. There will be some old ones remaining, and a new one or two. That’s all I plan to tell you at this time.  I want you to explore and have fun, so no spoilers here.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side…

You Know Me?

Every time I look at a mirror, it startles me and I scream a little.

I walked into Sissy’s Beauty shop, told her what I wanted, and she did it. So, I should expect my hair to be different – right?  However, I am still surprised when I get a good glance.  Only Ziva, who knows its me by scent and the sound of my voice, has not looked at me strange.

I catch hubby staring at me. He is still trying to adjust and it has been 3 days. I apologize for not posting a photo of the “new” me. It’s not because I’m ashamed of the hair – I have not had a chance to gussie-up since my house-guests arrived.  Yes, I am that vain.

All my friends recognize me (from the front) right away.

This must be why they make you move when you go into witness protection. Changing your hair color to reddish copper won’t do it.

Jessica Rabbit


<— not me


A Happy Thanksgiving to all my fabulous Readers!!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Changes of Mind

Now that Valentine’s Day is 364 days away, I decided to replace my header image.  Since I’m doing a “Theme of the Month” with my header (did you notice?), I wanted to keep to February things.

I don’t want a Presidents Day theme (sorry Mr. Obama, but I got sick of your face in November), so I consulted my “Observances” list.   I chose to use National Wise Health Consumer.  I never heard of this observance, so maybe I’ll learn something worth passing along.  I’m probably not a wise consumer because I have never had to choose my health plan.  My employer determined the employee benefits that were available.

I am unfortunately, an experienced user of health care.  In fact, I had 2 doctor appointments this week, and two more scheduled for next week.  This weekend I will continue my search for a healthy image.  If I find more than one, I may call for a reader’s choice vote.

Feel free to submit  images  that say “healthy” to you  😉