Changes of Mind

Now that Valentine’s Day is 364 days away, I decided to replace my header image.  Since I’m doing a “Theme of the Month” with my header (did you notice?), I wanted to keep to February things.

I don’t want a Presidents Day theme (sorry Mr. Obama, but I got sick of your face in November), so I consulted my “Observances” list.   I chose to use National Wise Health Consumer.  I never heard of this observance, so maybe I’ll learn something worth passing along.  I’m probably not a wise consumer because I have never had to choose my health plan.  My employer determined the employee benefits that were available.

I am unfortunately, an experienced user of health care.  In fact, I had 2 doctor appointments this week, and two more scheduled for next week.  This weekend I will continue my search for a healthy image.  If I find more than one, I may call for a reader’s choice vote.

Feel free to submit  images  that say “healthy” to you  😉