Spring Cleaning: Moving Forward

I am writing a list of unclean things that are grossing me out. Baseboards are #1 and I will begin those this afternoon. My pup loves to lay against the wall in four separate spots. This dirties the baseboard, wall, and carpet. It must be her skin oils, because we keep her clean.

Ziva’s Favorite Spot
See the dark line at the bottom?
That crack is full of black dog hair.

So, now you have seen a small fraction of the mess that is my house. I will probably regret taking “dirty” pictures and posting them on the internet, the moment after I do so. Maybe, I should re-name the blog to be The Real Housewives of Arnold, CA. Then again, maybe not. Most people would rather not deal with this real of reality.

To prevent my going off on a rant about “reality” shows, I will get busy now.


Is Your Puppy Taller Than You Thought?

I’m sorry if I have disappointed these past few weeks. No posts because other things keep popping up and there are only 24-hours a day. I have no new photos either, because, well…

My puppy is taller than I thought.

It’s like Ziva’s legs grow a 1/2 inch a day.  Last week only her nose came up to the patio table. This week she can see what is on the table, and pluck it right off.


Unfortunately, my new camera, was too close to the edge of our patio table. And when Ziva got to be uncontrollable (every evening around 5:00pm) she was sent outside. To her delight, there was a shiny silver box to snatch off the table to gnaw on and toss about.  And since it was dark out there I failed to notice anything amiss.

Hubby found it the next morning. He was not happy with either Ziva or myself. The limited warranty did not include puppy destruction, much to my dismay.

Being his sweet, forgiving (and handsome) self – he bought me a new camera, again. It is sitting under my computer monitor, right in front of my face.  When I have read the user manual – I have to download the PDF of course, manufacturers are too cheap to send you a real one – I can then set up the multitude of settings. Then, maybe I will be able to take some photos.  Sheesh!

I will tuck my nifty new camera inside a drawer where we keep cameras. It will be safe there.

Until puppy learns how to pull open drawers.  😉



And To Think I Signed Up For This – Again.

Not Our Puppy
Not Our Puppy (as far as we know)

It’s not like I didn’t know better, because I have raised a Bernese Mountain Dog from a puppy before. The good, the bad, the irritating, annoying gambit of living with a dog, especially the baby ones.

And yet – hubby and I put a deposit down, on a little female, who lives a 5-hour drive away, that we haven’t even met yet. The breeder keeps forgetting to email us a photo, so we don’t know what she looks like either. Even more ridiculous than that, I don’t know how much it costs to adopt her. Because I am afraid to ask.

No, I am not attempting humor. This is the truth.  Before you think I have completely lost it, in my defense, I have spoken at length with Barbara and she knows her stuff, and she knows a very reputable breeder in Grass Valley. In fact, she began her lineage with dogs from Bobbie, who we met, along with her gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs.

You pay $1,500 to $3,000, because Bernese puppies are in high demand. You understand there will be the cost of feeding, and housing them.  You know that Vet bills for vaccinations, spaying, check-ups, etc. are a regular expense.  Don’t forget, you must enroll them into Obedience School. I haven’t crunched the exact numbers, but I believe that having a dog is more expensive than having a child.

So, why do it?   Stay tuned and you will learn something about Bernese and dogs in general. Then you should be able to answer the question yourself.



photo credit: northdevonfarmer via photopin cc