Spring Cleaning: Moving Forward

I am writing a list of unclean things that are grossing me out. Baseboards are #1 and I will begin those this afternoon. My pup loves to lay against the wall in four separate spots. This dirties the baseboard, wall, and carpet. It must be her skin oils, because we keep her clean.

Ziva’s Favorite Spot
See the dark line at the bottom?
That crack is full of black dog hair.

So, now you have seen a small fraction of the mess that is my house. I will probably regret taking “dirty” pictures and posting them on the internet, the moment after I do so. Maybe, I should re-name the blog to be The Real Housewives of Arnold, CA. Then again, maybe not. Most people would rather not deal with this real of reality.

To prevent my going off on a rant about “reality” shows, I will get busy now.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Moving Forward

  1. I have g-grandkids coming in a few weeks. I am paying them to wash my baseboards. Much easier!


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