Giving Thanks

Every Thanksgiving I take inventory of the things I am thankful for. The list is incomplete every year because I can’t think of everything at once. What matters is that I acknowledge and be grateful for what I have:

  • My kind, loving and handsome hubby & his terrific family
  • My 3 gorgeous granddaughters & 1 handsome grandson
  • My large-breed puppy who is finally calming down a bit
  • That the American people did not vote in a President that puts classified information on an unclassified/non-government network.
  • The Independence Hall Quilters Guild in Arnold, CA
  • The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Benefits Package
  • My BFF, 2,000 miles away, and the technology to telephone, email, Skype and fly Southwest.
  • That my daughter is not embarrassed to invite me to rock concerts
  • All the blessings from Jehovah God – of which there are way too many to count.

Let me know what YOU are thankful for!


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Tid-Bits & Giggles Thursday

Whenever I’m feeling low I like to login to Facebook and see what funny things my family and friends post. Not only do the quotes, photos, and posters crack me up, but the reminder that these goofy people are MY peeps, warms my heart.

Gotta share our latest sentiments, as well as a Throwback moment!

This says it all
P.S. They did not care what color they wore
















How we used our pool in the 1994 drought…

Have a wonderful day y’all!!