Questions From A Curious Mind


I’m not insane enough (yet?), to answer when I ask myself a question. These questions I have are not ones you can get answers for on Google. Maybe YOU could help me.  If you’re not afraid to be seen here, and would work for free pro-bono.

Before anyone volunteers (rrrrighttt!), I should give you a few examples of the crap my mind wonders about, while I go about my day:

  • If you gave your blog URL to your therapist, would it help him diagnose you?
  • Why does the IRS expect you to pay taxes after you die? This has apparently been going on for a while, so we can’t blame Obama for this. But just who in the Hell thought this was a good idea?
  • Why aren’t Honey-Boo-Boo’s parents in jail?
  • Which shades of green yarn make cuter crocheted frogs?  Should I  use all shades to convey diversity, or does PC only apply to people?
  • Did Jewel write her song, Foolish Games, about Jean-Claude Van Damme?
  • Speaking of, I sure would love to be able to do spin-kicks like that. No matter how many times I watch his movies, I can’t get the move down. I sure like watching him do them. (no question here – my mind just veers off on its own)
  • What happened to dancing to The Macarena at wedding receptions? I could do that one.
  • Do all men blow their nose in the shower?
  • What was I thinking when I gave my blog address to my kids?

And so on, and so forth.


photo credit: theunquietlibrarian via photopin cc

The Rest of the Story..

Sorry! I scheduled this to publish on the 5th, but alas technology let me down…

The Answer:

I was working on frogs before Christmas and my daughter’s family commented almost the exact same thing.

Big Frog On Couch
Before Thanksgiving
Now There are Three
After Thanksgiving

Hey, I never promised it was so funny that your soda would shoot out of your nose. I guess you just had to be there  😉

Quote of the Day

My daughter and I went to see The Guilt Trip last night.  Anyway, this is not a movie review – however, I recommend it to everyone that had/has a mother.

This was one of the lines that totally cracked us up:

“Are there are more frogs since Thanksgiving?

– Seth Rogan (as Andy, in The Guilt Trip)


Do you know why we laughed so hard at that line?



The answer will be in my next post…

I know you can hardly wait  🙂