What Makes YOU Happy?

Happiness does not come from people, places, or things. So before you get ready to argue with me, let me explain…

Many things make people happy. Pleasant surprises, good news, your favorite food for dinner, looking forward to seeing family & friends. Grandchildren. Being successful. Happy is a great thing, but it is temporary most of the time.

Why Can’t I Have Both?

Your world returns to normal and routine again before you know it. Now you have happy memories, like movies to play in your head. Maybe you took videos and can play memories on a device. I usually don’t because when I’m involved with something, I tend to forget about photos until it is over and too late. My friends, who are grandma’s, think it is absolutely horrid because I don’t take a ton of pictures and videos. But, hey, I’m too busy having fun with my grandkids to be their lead photographer. Why doesn’t hubby take photos? He is taller, his hands are steadier, and he’s not stuck in the kitchen half the day.

I will stop there. I can tell there is an underlying rant stirring up. Did you notice?

Dennis Miller
The Master Ranter

Rants that bubble up out of nowhere when you are talking about something different can be the best ones. However, today is not the day to rant because I want to focus on things that make me happy. So for those who enjoy focusing on peeves and annoyances, don’t worry. Your day will come. Perhaps sooner than we think.

So – whether you use your fingers to count, write up a list, or make notes on your phone, get comfy and close your eyes a minute and focus on things that make you smile, laugh, feel all warm and tingly, make your day, give you sudden emotions (click here for definition). Not the BIG ticket items or philosophically deep things. More of every day and silly things that make your life enjoyable and more fun.

  • Things that make me happy:
    • wearing pajamas
    • hearing kids giggle
    • when my dog hugs me
    • a mug of hot coffee
    • watching snow fall
    • hubby holding my hand
    • writing
    • dancing
    • rock

OK. I told you some of mine. Please share some of yours in the comments! When you comment, I know you are out there, and that makes me very happy 🙂


Giggles N’ Bits Thursday

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Because I don’t know how my week is going to go, Thursdays will either involve giggles OR somebody throwing snits.

In case you didn’t grow up in West Virginia, a “snit” is snotty fit. Unlike the tantrum, a snit is violently verbal, not so much physically abusive, although, a few have been known to morph.

This week has been all over the map as far as good and evil go. It will be more of a middle ground, which is totally not as fun as the other two – for you, I mean.

Once Upon a Time…

For those of you who use computers, you will enjoy this story… My laptop is hanging in by a kilobyte and last week it could not find it’s own hard disk (a.k.a. it’s brain). I, a computer technician, immediately went into “rescue” mode and backed up every folder, file, MS Office docs, photos and a gazillion quilt guild files.

After setting up the basics, and trying to get oriented to a ‘Windows 10’ system, I plugged in the back-up flash drive. When ever things are supposed to go smoothly, they do not. I know this, but I was not prepared for the magnitude of problems I got myself into.

First, I did not realize that the ‘backup’ drive (OneDrive) would copy all the files I copied over. It only had 5 GB of space, so it rapidly filled up. This sent me a bunch of error messages, wanting me to buy more room. Forget this! I would figure out the way to control the OneDrive thing later but I needed to get my files loaded and keep working on getting my system ready.

So, I told OneDrive to delete the files. That was the beginning of the disaster that ensued. They were deleting along just fine and when I closed that window, and I saw the second window that warned me “if you delete contents from OneDrive, those files will also be removed from your computer.


Who thought up THAT brilliant plan? Obviously Windows 10 programmers. Because said programmers are not stupid, I decided that it was some kind of joke. I was NOT amused.

Not time to panic, I told my self. Now that the OneDrive was turned off, I could download the files again to the computer. BUT WAIT!

The #@$%&*! OneDrive ate the files off of my back-up disk also.

Frustrated and too mad to think, I shut off the new toy and went to bed. This morning, I figured out how to handle this. I got my laptop and booted it up, so I could pull the missing files off of it. It would no longer accept my Windows password. This was my own fault for using the same one for my new desktop. And, Windows website to reset passwords was “out for maintenance”.

Being determined, (a.k.a. stubborn as heck), I logged in using the Guest account that required no password. HA! Take that you little computer… Then it occurred to me that if my file permissions were textbook – I would not be able to access my real account. I prayed that these were messed up along with all the other things today.

They were! The files I needed were in a folder called “Membership Records.” Unfortunately, there were many different folders named just that in a variety of places. I found the ones which contained older versions of our quilt guild’s 2021 Member Roster – Last year, Jan & Feb of this years. Where was the March One? I could not have lost that file! I did not have time to start from scratch, and I just got many member renewals in the mail that I need to update that file with! As the chair of the membership team I was mortified. Embarrassed Ashamed. One thing kept running through my mind – “Diane was gonna kill me!”

After my tantrum, I did a search of the entire hard disk of the laptop. One of the listed folders had a Roster file dated March 22, 2021.

Whew! It is afternoon now. This adventure began in the morning, so I am too exhausted to work on that file now. I am really thinking about a nap, but alas, I have grocery shopping and housework to do. A frustrating morning with a bit of a happy ending.

So I ask you, is this post a giggle or a snit?

Out of Ideas?

Here are some, courtesy of the Digital Credit Union (DCU).  I especially like the last idea! 

Fun Family Activities While Staying Indoors

School closures, social distancing, and adjusted work arrangements are changing everyday life for families.  Staying indoors can be extra challenging during rainy spring days.  Looking for a break from watching movies and television?  Here are some different ideas to help kids (and their parents!) look on the bright side while they’re cooped up indoors.

Break out the board games.  Now’s the perfect time to dust off some old favorites.    

Work on a jigsaw puzzle.  Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun way to keep everyone’s minds engaged. Set one up on an extra table and take turns piecing it together, or work on different sections at the same time. 

Build an indoor fort.  If an extra table isn’t being used for a game or puzzle, consider using it to help build a fort complete with blankets, pillows, and flashlights. It could become a playhouse or a quiet space to read.

Bake and decorate.  Baking together can be fun and creative, especially if you make cookies or cupcakes that can be frosted and decorated.

Learn a dance routine.  Kids might already be aware of modern dance moves with apps like TikTok, so they may be willing to learn some classics like the Macarena or the Electric Slide. Dancing can help you laugh and exercise as a family and work off the decorated baked goods.

String holiday lights.  Add some cheer to your home with lights you may have on hand. It can be a nice backdrop for dancing, too!

Try a new or silly hairstyle.  Have some hot rollers? Curious if you can achieve a beehive ‘do? Staying in is a good opportunity to experiment with a “home hair salon.”

Bring the outdoors in through art.  Have the kids create drawings or other crafts of things like the sun, rainbows, birds, flowers, and more. Then, hang them around your home! Consider making some to mail to friends and family members, such as grandparents who would love a boost of happiness!

Make a fun family memories BINGO or charades game.  Have some family memories that you could use to create your own games?  You may even be able to print your own BINGO cards and call sheet to save for holidays and future family gatherings.

Go for a drive in your PJs.  If you need a break from home and are able to hop in the car to see some new sights, make it fun by wearing PJs. Consider picking up a take-out order. You’ll be helping to support your local restaurants and treating your family to a special dinner after a fun-filled day of indoor activities!   

Do you have some family favorites you would like to share with everyone also on house arrest?  Oh, Please!  Share them in the comments so we may all enjoy them too  

♥  TTFN  ♥