Out of Ideas?

Here are some, courtesy of the Digital Credit Union (DCU).  I especially like the last idea! 

Fun Family Activities While Staying Indoors

School closures, social distancing, and adjusted work arrangements are changing everyday life for families.  Staying indoors can be extra challenging during rainy spring days.  Looking for a break from watching movies and television?  Here are some different ideas to help kids (and their parents!) look on the bright side while they’re cooped up indoors.

Break out the board games.  Now’s the perfect time to dust off some old favorites.    

Work on a jigsaw puzzle.  Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun way to keep everyone’s minds engaged. Set one up on an extra table and take turns piecing it together, or work on different sections at the same time. 

Build an indoor fort.  If an extra table isn’t being used for a game or puzzle, consider using it to help build a fort complete with blankets, pillows, and flashlights. It could become a playhouse or a quiet space to read.

Bake and decorate.  Baking together can be fun and creative, especially if you make cookies or cupcakes that can be frosted and decorated.

Learn a dance routine.  Kids might already be aware of modern dance moves with apps like TikTok, so they may be willing to learn some classics like the Macarena or the Electric Slide. Dancing can help you laugh and exercise as a family and work off the decorated baked goods.

String holiday lights.  Add some cheer to your home with lights you may have on hand. It can be a nice backdrop for dancing, too!

Try a new or silly hairstyle.  Have some hot rollers? Curious if you can achieve a beehive ‘do? Staying in is a good opportunity to experiment with a “home hair salon.”

Bring the outdoors in through art.  Have the kids create drawings or other crafts of things like the sun, rainbows, birds, flowers, and more. Then, hang them around your home! Consider making some to mail to friends and family members, such as grandparents who would love a boost of happiness!

Make a fun family memories BINGO or charades game.  Have some family memories that you could use to create your own games?  You may even be able to print your own BINGO cards and call sheet to save for holidays and future family gatherings.

Go for a drive in your PJs.  If you need a break from home and are able to hop in the car to see some new sights, make it fun by wearing PJs. Consider picking up a take-out order. You’ll be helping to support your local restaurants and treating your family to a special dinner after a fun-filled day of indoor activities!   

Do you have some family favorites you would like to share with everyone also on house arrest?  Oh, Please!  Share them in the comments so we may all enjoy them too  

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My Wishful List

Paperwork Mountian

I do not have a Bucket List.  My days are filled with too many lists as it is.  Well, it’s more like one list and too many things listed upon it.  I often overestimate my level of energy and underestimate how much time I have to accomplish everything on the stupid list.

I instead have a “Wishful List”.  This list would not be like your routine bucket list, you know, things you want to do before you die. (i.e. you now have a deadline!)  A Wishful List is where you write down the things you want to happen – to you or other people.

This list is for my imagination and amusement only.  Occasionally, I may share items from my list with my wonderful readers, but some of my items will be private.  I know y’all will understand.

  1.  Write a post worthy of being Freshly Pressed.  It could happen.  I have no idea what gets you Freshly Pressed because NONE of my 958 posts have qualified. Yet.
  2.  Go on a date to interview Channing Tatum.  He would need a chaperone – just sayin’.
  3.  Get a small part in the 4th Thor movie. I’m pretty sure there will be another. No, wait!  Co-write the screenplay – that would be so fun.
  4. Swoon Reads falls in love with my manuscript and fixes the link to read it, OR, asks me to resubmit it.  I already sent them 2 emails, so I will not send another. Sigh.  It’s the waiting that kills your soul!
  5. I wake up missing 30 pounds and every outfit in my closet fits me.  Some are too big.
  6. If I have to break off another tooth – let it be the sweet-tooth this time.
  7. I’m successful in training my dog to dance with me
  8. Something, not brain damage or anything, makes my hubby want to spoil and romance me like never before.

Some are more likely than others.  The point is to entertain me.  Try it sometime and see for yourself.  I would love you to share them with me!

♥  TTFN  ♥



November is… National Novel Writing Month

At first, I did not want to participate again.

I was going to blow it off.  I usually end up not finding enough time to accomplish anything. So most of November, I agonize over deadlines, word count, not finishing the draft, yada, yada, who needs that?!

This year I plan to work every day of November. Whether it’s writing new chapters, organizing my outline, doing research, proofreading – it doesn’t matter.  As long as I’m making progress toward my goal (finishing the darned thing), I’m going to relax and have fun doing it.  Well, ‘fun’, might be a little optimistic, but the point is to not become a nervous wreck.

I can hear the laughter as my loyal readers, who know me so well, ask themselves, “doesn’t she say that every year?”  You could look that up if you want to. I do say something every year and that’s all I know.

It is into the Second day of NaNo – no additional word count today(yet), but I’m working on my outline to double-check my chapters. Don’t tell anyone but I got lost.  Sheesh.  I need to figure out a couple things and hopefully write tonight.

Not going to do much blog writing in November, although, I may post an occasional teaser on the “The Novel” page…

♥  TTFN  ♥