Adventures in Liverpool

The Bronze Statues of The Fab Four in front of Town Hall.  I have no idea who the two chicks are, but they would not move and hubby became impatient.

Our tour guide in Liverpool was a Beatles fan, so we got to see some famous sights, besides churches and castles.

On the right is a photo of St. Lukes Cathedral – it made me think of my family in St. Louis, MO. Hi y’all!  Miss you!


Everyone got to have a photo taken of them on Penny Lane. Even better, was the musical accompaniment as our bus rolled down the street.  “Penny Lane” by the Beatles of course!

Everyone enjoyed that – even those who pretended not to.  You could just tell.

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Football Season is Approaching!

Dearest Readers,
A lot of you know about my love for my granddaughters and my passion for football. So… this is why I am passing along this link to Chloe’s fundraising page. If those who could spare $5 or $10 to help out NU’s excellent program, not to mention the excitement for Chloe watching the $$ go up, that would be great!

You may be thinking, I don’t know this, Chloe, so why should I?  Well – she was interviewed on TV a few months ago, so you can click HERE to watch it and see for your self.

Thank you for considering this favor!  I gotta go because Camp Grandma is starting tomorrow and I need to find the beds in the guest rooms so I can wash the bedding.


Giggles & Bits

I had to share some “giggles” with y’all today.




Don’t you miss this guy?



Have a Wonderful Day!!!

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