Giggles & Bits Thursday

Even in these politically charged, disgruntled, and confusing times – My friends and loved ones send me funny things. Since it is Thursday I am passing them along to those I’m honored to call “my readers”…





I suppose young people find this amusing




Right, Ladies?

Why women need a weapon. Hubby does not allow me the combo to his gun safe, so I use a flip-flop.

I’m pretty good at it too.






I am so glad this went viral after I was married.

Just sayin’







I know these two!!








I almost wet my pants when I saw this one!!


I got this one today, from an anonymous source. Ha!

If those did not make you smile, how about this?  Tomorrow is Friday!

♥  TTFN  ♥

It’s Thursday!

I have been remiss about G&B Thursday’s. 😦  My summer is scheduled up, my to-do list is overflowing with important things to do and I have a moral dilemma trying to prioritize it. If I manage to slow down and get something done, I feel guilty about what I did NOT do.

I believe this craziness is the exact reason G&B was invented in the first place.  Nothing relieves stress like a deep belly laugh can.

I hate admitting this, but there are days when I just don’t feel funny. Sarcasm usually carries me through, but lately I am too un-focused to write (or research) funny.

But wait! There is a solution…

Now YOU can be featured on Not Pretending (to be sane)! Share a funny story from your life, or let it all out in a rant (very therapeutic.) If a photo or poem gives you the giggles, please submit that  🙂  If you are shy – check the “remain anonymous” box and your identity will be kept private.

Attachments can be emailed emailed

Since this is not a contest to win money or items, we can skip over the legalize and fine print. However, please keep in mind that this site is rated PG!  My eleven year old granddaughter reads this blog, so “R” rated (raunchy) material will NOT be published. 

Tid-Bits & Giggles Thursday

Whenever I’m feeling low I like to login to Facebook and see what funny things my family and friends post. Not only do the quotes, photos, and posters crack me up, but the reminder that these goofy people are MY peeps, warms my heart.

Gotta share our latest sentiments, as well as a Throwback moment!

This says it all
P.S. They did not care what color they wore
















How we used our pool in the 1994 drought…

Have a wonderful day y’all!!