NEVER Underestimate A Five Year Old

Only stopping to ask mom for a snack

Today’s Giggles & Bits is a true story…

When I answered the phone a couple of weeks ago, I hear a quiet, small voice at the other end.
“Hi Grandma…”
I smile because the only time she is quiet is when she’s on the phone. When she is talking that is. If you were on the phone talking with someone else, she would not be quiet. It is against her nature. But that is for another tale.

“Hi sweetie!” I am so relieved it is her and not a recording or a solicitor .  She did want something from me, as it turned out. Her Kindergarten class was having a “lap-a-thon” to raise money for her school. I told her I would pledge $1.00 per lap. She was so excited. She had pledges for quarters but not dollars until now. I gave myself some Good Grandma points, then went on with my week. Looking forward to her next call on the weekend to tell me how much I owed her.

How many laps could a tiny child do, right?

Thirty-six, as it turns out.

36!!  Her Good Grandma had to write out a check to her school for $36.00.  I guess that makes me a Dumb (but Proud!) Grandma.

I should have known better. I have seen her in action running through the house. I gave up yelling at her “don’t run in the house!” She runs by too fast to hear anyway, and I am certainly sick of hollering it.

So, go ahead – run in the house.  But NOT with scissors! Grandma’s can only take so much…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Breaking My Own Rules


It’s only the second day of 2013 and already I’m giving y’all excuses for not posting this weekend. Please forgive me, but I must have my granddaughter fix while they are out of school this week. To you wonderful and loyal readers of my humble blog – I promise I will make it up to you (maybe a contest or challenge or who knows what will come to me!)

I could post using my iPhone app for WordPress, but typing on an iPhone is one tedious exercise in patience for me. Plus, I can’t remember how to post by email. All I can give you is this: I will try to post over the weekend, if I figure things out. Please remember I am at the mercy of an 8-year old and a 2-year old this weekend. They adore me, and I them. They have me trained and wrapped around their little fingers

I will be back Sunday night.  If you need some insanity before then, you can find it in my archives. Some of my best stuff is in 2010, when I started blogging and was bursting with craziness  😉  Most of you, dear readers, discovered my blog later and probably missed a few good ones.

See y’all next week!

photo credit: °Florian via photopin cc

WPC: Silhouette

I’m tired of writing out Weekly Photo Challenge so I’m creating a new acronym: WPC. And, since I’m a lazy typist, I’ll create WWC (Weekly Writing Challenge) while I’m at it. Which explains the title of this post. Just FYI.

In case you have not read enough of my posts to figure out my sun rises and sets on my granddaughters; it does. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see the little angels show up now and then for WPC  😉

In this photo, my 2-year old angel looks out at the backyard and contemplates. On what, I don’t know. But she rarely stays in one place for 30 seconds, so I captured a photo of her silhouette that morning.

~~~ *** ~~~