Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Where did she go???
Miss Chloë, age 2

.In the time between “say cheese!” and pushing the button, she moved. She’s 2-years old and takes moving very seriously. I have a lot of pictures of furniture.

If my camera does catch her image, it’s always blurry because she is, of course, moving.

She is all cozy and tucked into bed, slumbering as if in a coma, and still moving. Check on her in an hour and her body has moved to the opposite side of the mattress. Sometimes an arm or a leg are hanging outside of the crib.

It exhausts me to watch her, but I can’t stop! I know that what happened to my daughter will also happen to her.

She will keep having those birthday parties and grow up on me way too quickly  😉

Fuggitabout The Bunny

The bunny is frozen this year…

Easter SnowmanMy Granddaughter made this snowman last week.  “You should have seen him right after she finished”, says my daughter, who doesn’t think to take a photo until 2-days after, when his head is already starting to shrink.

And then a warmish streak of weather came along and her snowman lost some weight, but he was still standing tall!

Thinner Snowman

I wonder if he is still in the backyard.

If he’s gone, she better hustle and make another one from last night’s snow. Someone is going to have to hide the eggs if the bunny isn’t going to do it.  She could actually make a snow bunny this time.

It just might work  😉

What Mommy Doesn’t Know…


My daughter had a class all day last Saturday and she had asked hubby and I if we could watch the girls.   I pretended to think about it.  But it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Like she didn’t know. Why doesn’t she just tell us when we are going to watch the girls? It would save time and texting.

Let me say up front that much fun was had by all and nobody got hurt. Grandma did re-learn some old tricks, however. I’m sure my daughter is fully aware of these things, so I didn’t bother  to mention them…

The things I re-learned Saturday:

Babies don’t know from grooming. Miss C. never seems to be bothered by her soft curls falling into her face. Her hair is a bit “wild” at times, but she looks so darned cute and I’m afraid to piss her off by trying to tame it into a pony tail.  So .. I don’t.  Well, Miss C. got frustrated during lunchtime and pushed her hair out of her face.  Using her open-faced peanut butter and banana sandwich. To her credit, it really did the job of keeping her hair in place.

Babies think they can fly. I don’t know where they get this idea.  I’m pretty sure little Miss C. can’t fly, which is why I freaked out when I was holding her and she pushed off with her legs and launched herself away from my body, her arms leading her like Superman.  I lunged and snatched her out of the air and back into my arms so fast, it was like time went into reverse. I know that for half a second that baby was airborne. Maybe they can fly, and it’s the landing we freak out about.

Today’s cartoons suck. What ever happened to the classics? Kids today are deprived of  The Roadrunner, Fog-Horn Leg Horn, Yosemite Sam, and the ever lovable Tasmanian Devil. I did not see one decent cartoon available for Miss P. Thank goodness for On-Demand and re-runs of Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Micky Mouse. Miss P. is too old for Sesame Street, but graciously lets Miss C. watch Elmo now and then. I do my best to get Miss P. interested in classic movies & Disney.  But sometimes a girl just has to watch iCarly, or worse –Bratz!  If you have seen either show you can feel my pain.  At least she doesn’t beg me to watch Sponge Bob Smartie Pants  anymore.