Count Your Blessings!

I promised after the rant I posted on May 19th that I would post a Gratitude List (i.e., count your blessings)

I started this post several times and each time I trashed it.  Who wants to read a long list of someone else’s blessings?  As for me, I would prefer to think about a blessing a day – it does not even have to be a blessing that I received.  Someone could send me a brief story about what they are grateful for, and I could post theirs for a day.

What do you think?  Your feedback is always appreciated!





Being the Sunshine

If you recall my post about what I wanted to accomplish in the year 2020, my theme, if you will, is “Be the Sunshine.”  This is still my focus for this year, but I have been horrible about posting any content and for this, I apologize.

I have several projects I need to finish and I am flustered by them and the other stresses bombarding me. When I am overwhelmed my brain short-circuits and I can’t focus on any of the tasks looming over me.  This means that the more tasks I have, the less I accomplish. 

When my brain is useless – I clean house. I am constantly amazed how ‘treasures’ I forgot I had will turn up out of nowhere. Today’s treasure is a photo that came from a card someone sent me long ago. I have had it for years, yet every time I see it I smile and feel happy.

She is Definitely Being the Sunshine!


A Gratitude List

My dearest readers,

A few posts ago I mentioned making a “Gratitude List” to help fight depression & subsequent attitudes that follow.  Of course I am grateful for my dear hubby, family, and friends. This list would be miles long if I mentioned them all (and be very boring to read) so …

So this list is what I am also grateful for:

  • My puppy (even though she is a complete and total pain in the butt, we adore each other)
  • That I live in a time with indoor plumbing and electricity
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Small towns
  • Retirement (I smile every time I remember that I am!)
  • Board meetings are only once per month
  • Novels – even the monstrosity I have written for the past three years now.
  • My blog. It saved my sanity in 2011-2012. (OK, but at least most of it)
  • I have the means now to see my BFF every year. (She lives 2,000 miles away.)

I cannot leave out the most important thing I am grateful for –  a loving God and a VERY hard-working, ever patient, guardian angel. I’ve never met him, but I know he is there. Always ready to protect me from (myself mostly), and kick my butt when he has had it with my stupidity and needs to get my attention.

I imagine he looks formidable and handsome – like Ving Rhames.

I am also grateful for so many little, silly things. Maybe someday I’ll put together that list for Thursday’s Giggles and Bits. It’s a thought!

♥  TTFN  ♥