Being the Sunshine

If you recall my post about what I wanted to accomplish in the year 2020, my theme, if you will, is “Be the Sunshine.”  This is still my focus for this year, but I have been horrible about posting any content and for this, I apologize.

I have several projects I need to finish and I am flustered by them and the other stresses bombarding me. When I am overwhelmed my brain short-circuits and I can’t focus on any of the tasks looming over me.  This means that the more tasks I have, the less I accomplish. 

When my brain is useless – I clean house. I am constantly amazed how ‘treasures’ I forgot I had will turn up out of nowhere. Today’s treasure is a photo that came from a card someone sent me long ago. I have had it for years, yet every time I see it I smile and feel happy.

She is Definitely Being the Sunshine!