What The – !?!

I need to stop reading the newspaper. My blood pressure is still high from trying to comprehend an article I read yesterday morning…

** For the article in its entirety, see:  http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/06/18/petition-seeks-return-of-grizzly-bears-to-the-west/ **

slow witted, ain’t he?

An environmentalist group, is petitioning  Federal Wildlife Managers to go forth with an update to a decades old recovery plan to help the grizzly bear move off of the “threatened” species list.  The group, the Center for Biological Diversity, has filed a lawsuit with the US Fish and Wildlife Service accusing them of using a ‘fragmented approach’ to recover the threatened species.

Are we still talking about grizzly bears?  Just who is threatening them?  I mean besides the idiots that want to relocate them? Those same idiots won’t be doing the ‘relocating’, will they? Nooooo. They expect the US Fish & Wildlife Services to do it. In other words, we taxpayers will be paying for the Grizzlies moving expenses.

“110,000 Square Miles of Potential Habitat Identified in Colorado, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico Could Support 4,000 Additional Grizzlies”. HA!  Someone actually did a study and came up with this hooey.  Did they think to ask the species’ who now occupy this ‘potential habitat’? Both Black Bears and Humans are already here in the Sierra Nevada. My family lives in the Sierras, and we vote NO. NO. NO on Grizzlies! Let them stay in Alaska and Canada where they like it. They will hate the “forested areas” in the southwest also. Why? Because they are in the FREAKING DESERT!  Please re-think this plan and don’t send grumpy grizzlies out west.

According to MY studies – there is a species that lives in a diverse range of habitats. Humans. But humans are not an endangered species. So they don’t need any protection, or consideration apparently, when environmentalists protest, file lawsuits or make demands in the name of a defenseless species. Humans, could become a ‘threatened’ species upon relocating Grizzly Bears into their habitat.

There are no caribou or elk up here for grizzlies to eat. What deer we have are few, thanks to the mountain lions. Can Grizzlies out run a mountain lion? Probably not. So that leaves the grizzlies a few scrawny wild turkeys, domestic animals, and people. To eat.

Do the math. People are by far the easiest to catch.  If that does not stop the environmentalists from their ridiculous quest, perhaps the red flying squirrels, black-backed woodpeckers, and gray wolves will. Grizzlies could eat those endangered species too.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a busy organization. They are suing US Fish and Wildlife Services for several species who they claim had ‘inadequate protections’.

  • Black-backed Woodpeckers
  • Southern CA Red Flying Squirrel
  • Florida’s Microscopic Ichetucknee Silt Snail (WTF?  a microscopic snail?)
  • Southwest Jumping Mouse
  • California Gray Wolves
  • Western Pond Turtles
  • Lesser Prairie Chickens

In my humble opinion, someone should do a study on how  ‘environmentalist’ groups keep screwing with Mother Nature. Better yet – a relocation plan to a different habitat that ‘would support them’ might be in order.

I have no idea where that would be.  😉

photo credit: yosoynuts via photopin cc

Please, Bear With Me…

Black Bear sitting on tree stumpWhile I freak out!

I looked out my dining room window this morning and choked on my coffee. I was afraid to move or make any sound. I figured if I could see out my glass dining room, he could see in. Not that I wanted to jump up and get it, but I still have not found my damn camera. We all know it’s in that #$%&@!  box..

This photo, taken through a window screen, with my iPhone, as I am shaking, is the only proof I have for my argument: there ARE bears in these woods!  An argument I didn’t particularly want to win, nevertheless, being right is always such a rush for me. (I can’t help this,  it’s genetic -ask any McGuire.)

Why, oh why, didn’t I order that bear repellent I saw online?  I listened to hubby’s opinion that it was a crock, and there was “no such thing as bear repellent”, – that’s why. This is the same man who told me “it hardly ever snows in Arnold”.  And yet I’m still listening to him…  Just one example of how love makes you stupid.

After staring through the window for five minutes, I began to suspect Mr. Bear was asleep. He was not moving around, or taking any notice of the occasional man-made noises. Does a bear meditate in the woods?  I made a mental note to Google search on bears, as soon as I was free to move.

Speaking of moving –  I have to risk it because I seriously have to pee (More like PEE). I quietly roll out of the chair and on the carpet. On all fours, the wall hides me from view and I make it to the guest bathroom in time.

My guess is that Mr. Bear is a Black Bear. Black Bears are vegetarians, who like to meditate (apparently). Unlike their carnivore cousins, the Grizzly Bears.  I would bet money Grizzlies don’t meditate in the woods, or anywhere else.

Regardless, when I crawled back to the dinning room and peeked out the window, Mr. Bear was gone. I kept an eye out for him all day, but didn’t see him.